Guillermo del Toro seriously needs to clone himself ‘cause there are too many projects that he wants to work on and not enough of him to go around. After making it clear that he could not work on Hellboy 3 due to lack of time, he is expressing interest in working on a movie about Maleficent the big baddie from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. If some of you haven’t watched Sleeping Beauty but  played Kingdom Hearts, you should recognize her as one of the behind the scenes villains in the game.

The Maleficent movie project was originally attached to Tim Burton, but he dropped out after his plate became full with his involvement in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and a full length Frankenweenie.

Of course, I will lay you all down gently ‘cause even though this could be an interesting project for del Toro it is unlikely he’ll get started on it soon. The guy hasn’t even been offered the project, so all this is speculative projects but as he told the LA Times in an interview:

“Let me put it this way, if they ask I’ll take the meeting…I think Maleficent’s dragon is the only design with the wings separate from the front legs, the only time that design has ever worked. And let me tell you how much of a fan I am. I have a collection of over two or three dozen Maleficent figures, some of them four or five feet tall. I own about 10 pieces of conceptual art from ‘Sleeping Beauty’ that include the dragon and a lot more pieces that are just from ‘Sleeping Beauty.’ It’s one of my three favorite Disney films. I would love to. But I don’t want to put too many hopes on it. They’re probably on a fast track and I cannot take any more projects on a fast track.”

On this note of rush, this film is currently slated to have Angelina Jolie play the title character.  In the next movie year we could see witch’s becoming the new “in thing”. I mean look at Angelina Jolie and Maleficent photos. The facial features are very feminine, and mysterious. Alluring, but dangerous this role could be a better fit for Angelina than Cleopatra.

What do you think about this movie about a well known Disney and Video Game villain? Can they make us see a different side to her the way Wicked did for the Wicked Witch of the West or will it leave things the way they are?



In 2004 we were graced with the gorgeous portrayal of The Demonic savior Hellboy! And yet again in 2008 with the equally badass Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. So why can’t we see a Hellboy 3 in 2012 yu ask? Director Guillermo Del Toro has the very simple answer; Ron Perlman.

Thats right my NB’s, the star of Hellboy is taking a step back from his (And I apologize ) biggest role to date for The Sons of Anarchy. Del Toro;

“I had dinner with [Perlman] last night. He said ‘six hours [in the makeup chair], what do you want?'” said del Toro. “And he’s doing Sons of Anarchy without makeup. He’s spoiled! He likes to be the big cheese without the makeup session.”

Do you BELIEVE that shit??!! He is putting off possibly the most successful comic book franchise to date, to work on the popular (but minuscule) SOA.

Basically and absolutely insanely, between playing bikerboy in Sons of Anarchy and the Big Red Machine, Perlman took the path of least makeup. Thats IT!!!! Least Makeup!!! That drives me crazy! There is one saving grace however, as crazy as this is to me; Del Toro will not follow through with Hellboy 3 without Perlman. So dream easy Nerdbastards,

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