hello kitty

Hello Kitty is one of the most famous animated characters ever.

But, did you know that she is also a huge nerd and loves to dress up (called “cosplay”) as various characters from movies, real-life and comic books?

My favorites are Thor, Superman and Pulp Fiction. Which are yours?

Check out a sample of the immense variety, and cuteness, that some creative cartooning can result in below the jump!

You can buy shirts for $24 each from the artist yayzuz by clicking here.



I’ve met many Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans in my life, hell even I was a Keroppi fan (don’t judge me), and a few of them were hardcore about it but I doubt any of them would be stupid enough to buy this.

The painting, titled Hello Kitty Playground, is being labeled as the ‘Worlds Largest Hello Kitty Painting” with it measuring at 4″ x 5″. The painting is done by a guy name Dillion who is apparently the master of making art of pop culture icons and thus is selling this piece of shit art at the price of $1.5 million on eBay. But wait! It seems eBay has a 25% off sale on it so it’ll set you back $1,125,000.

So let’s see, the so called “world’s largest” painting is only 4″ x 5″ and it’s not an official art from Sanrio? Really, Dillion, really? I don’t care if one of your feedback is “Everything he brushes turns to SOLD!” but seriously, $1.5 million is what you want for this? As much as I want to say “Fuck you Dillion and what makes your painting special,” I’m sure that some idiot is going to buy this.

Source: Great White Snark

Hello ThunderKittys


(article by the nerdyninja Sam Britton)

Have you ever looked at the Thundercats gang and thought “oh my god how cuuuuuuuuuute!” (if you didn’t read that like a 15 year old girl you did it wrong.)? Unless you’re into furries and scritching (thanks internet for that information. You can’t unsee things you know.) then probably not. Yes, I know there is a gray area with Cheetara, I don’t think that would technically be bestiality, whatever, she had people boobs so I’m going to allow it. HIGH FIVE!

Let’s get back on track here… So what happens if you combine the sheer ass kicking awesomeness of the Thundercats with the oh eem gee adorableness of Hello Kitty? Thunderkitties of course!  I’m so dying all my cat’s as soon as I finish this blog.

Click after the jump for all your favorite Thundercats Hello Kitty-fied.


HELLO!!! Kitty Booze


Wowwy! I never understood the Hello Kitty craze. It never made sense. Out of all the things that survived from my 80’s experience, Hello Kitty, was a bunch of toys and a show that vanished in the 90’s. But it has such a harsh Japanese following that it has surpassed irrelevance to major popularity. Hence Hello Kitty Wine. The only thing coming out of that franchise I can get behind, a nice Devil Red to get you all lit up,so you can forget all about Hello Kitty. These are the brand specialties that you can select from. (VIA Geekologie)

  • Hello Kitty Sparkling Brut Rosé – A deep reddish pink sparkling rose made from 100% Pinot Noir that has a frothy mousse as well as a pretty nose of rose petal and red currant scents.
  • Hello Kitty Sparkling “Sweet Pink” (Half Size) – This semi-sweet sparkler sports a pale pink hue and has very delicate bubbles.
  • 2008 Hello Kitty Angel White – This is a fresh, very “blanc” white wine made entirely from Pinot Noir free run juice.
  • 2006 Hello Kitty Devil Red – Garnet red with brickish highlights, this is a classically rendered Pinot Noir that presents a seductive bouquet of wild flowers and forest aromas


Are you a parent who happens to be a nerd and is trying to teach your kids the alphabet while introducing to many things awesome about the nerd and geek culture? Well Neill Cameron has you cover as he has done something so epic that he needs to be paid for this. Really, the internet has brought us many awesome art stuff this year, but this, this really just beats them all. Neill Cameron drew letters from the alphabet and drew what ever sentence was born from that letter and us fans gets the honor to look at pure awesomeness that was produced from this. Really, take your time after the break to look and read each letter because it really is nothing but pure enjoyment. (more…)

"I'm not that innocent."

"I'm not that innocent."

We generally don’t get too cutesy ’round these parts, but I couldn’t resist this one for Nerd Cake of the Week. Normally, I think Hello Kitty is an annoying weenie who sucks the smarts out of little girls’ brains… hey, wait. This Zombie Hello Kitty cake probably would still suck brains if it rose from Undead Cakeland.

Look at her, just sitting there being all green and menacing with her dead eyes. How that bow is in such pristine condition is beyond me, because I’d imagine that she’s already caused a ruckus when she got hunger pangs.

Look, she even has flies, maggots and worms hanging around, eyeing that blood and pus oozing from her foot and other body parts.

I don’t think this cake is a recent creation – the blog hosting the cake photos hasn’t been updated since 2006 – but that doesn’t diminish its greatness as a cake worthy of undead worshippers. Um, people who worship the undead, not worshippers who actually are undead themselves. Nevermind.

To see more photos of the cake, click here.