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Most shows make you wait decades for a lost episode (suck it, Doctor Who!) The BastardCast plays by their own rules and releases one mere days after it was thought kidnapped by the forces of evil (faulty Toshiba). Really, it’s a long story involving hard drives and ninjas so we won’t bore you with all the exciting details (there was a car chase! Jason got shot in the knee!)

Joining Jeremy and Jason on this unearthed artifact is long time friend of people he’s known for a long time, Chris Cummins for a rousing hour of fart jokes, geekery and, nerd news from 8 days ago… because all of this stuff STILL MATTERS! (more…)

The BastardCast vs Grand Theft Podcast


This time on The BastardCast, the boys return to get creeped out by clowns, root for GWAR to play the Super Bowl, get drunk on Hello Kitty near-beer, and assure you that your vagina’s are not haunted.

They’re also discussing the ways in which BatFleck handles his shit, horrifying puppet hug time with Superman, Jason’s newborn GTA V addiction, and we Trailergasm with Zero Charisma… and we also discuss the movie Zero Charisma.
Do you require more? You son of a bitch! Fine! The Expendables newest badass could be Frasier Crane (Kick), Schwarzenegger may lay waste to the smurf colored cat-elves in Avatar 2, The Hoff strikes out against Marvel and that guy who directed The Avengers because he was the best Nick Fury, and the rare Ned Beatty nickel!All that and a shocking amount German porn references on THE BASTARDCAST!

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The BastardCast: This is what shame sounds like. (oh, here is where you can Spot Northampton’s Clown!)


Warner Bros. has released the first TV spot for their upcoming low budget indie film about a flying alien with multiple personality disorders. It is called Man of Steel: The Tale of the Man Who is Super, and it is not (apparently) a sequel to the criminally underrated comic book superhero movie, Steel, which starred Shaquille O’Neal in a raw and tumultuous demonstration of thespianic talent so thunderous and impactful that it may or may not have been the real cause of Jimmy Stewart’s death.

No, it is not that — sadly — but Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder, a man who never saw Steel, a man who rejects all other spellings of that name and a man who previously directed Sucker Punch, a movie about owls, 300, The Watchmen, the Dawn of the Dead remake, and uh… there is also a Morrisey music video on his IMDB page, I should mention that as well.

By the way, does anyone else think Morrissey looks like the guy who played The Governor on The Walking Dead? His name is also Morrissey, David Morrissey. Do you think they are related? Maybe they are cousins.

Anyway, David Morrissey isn’t in this film but Henry Cavill is, and he is British, but I don’t think they are related. Also in this film: Laurence Fishburne (who was in The Matrix), Kevin Costner (who was not), Russell Crowe (who used to be in a band), and Amy Adams, who is the only redhead in Hollywood that I don’t really find attractive with the exception of Donny Most.

If you don’t know who Donny Most is, I hope you accidentally swallow a baby snake and it lays eggs in your colon and then you poop baby snakes and then when you look in the toilet you get so scared that you pass out and then someone who you are kinda into, but haven’t yet gotten with, finds you and you are so embarrassed that you move to Alabama where you start a small thrift store called “Old Shit” and hire all these mischievous employees and one day, some guy from a network comes and offers you a reality show, but he isn’t from one of the good networks, but that doesn’t matter because you do the show anyway, and they schedule you in a weird time slot right behind a reality show with Anson Williams called “That’s Just Anson Being Anson” and…

[Disclaimer: If you are, somehow, still reading this, then kudos to you. You are a brave little toaster and if I had the financial ability to do so, I would tender you a voucher for one granola bar… quite possibly a Kudos granola bar, because they are tasty and that would make literal the whole Kudos thing from before.

Yes, that would have been the bees knees, but sadly I am not able to tender you such a voucher, so you will just have to settle for a hearty dash of gratitude, and a quick return to the conclusion of this article that everyone else simply ignored to get to the bottom, where the fresh, new Man of Steel footage lies waiting for you. Again, many thanks.]

… at a network mixer, you and Anson, Anson Williams, the star of That’s Just Anson Being Anson, would strike up a conversation and you tell him all about your snake butt and your lost love and how it all happened because you didn’t know who Donny Most was and then he punches you in the mouth because he — of course — knows who Donny Most is, and then you realize — AT LONG LAST — how foolish you were for not knowing who Donny Most is. THAT, is what I hope the consequences are if you don’t know who Donny Most is, but anyway, here is the synopsis for Man of Steel, and below that is the new trailer, enjoy!

Synopsis that I copied and pasted here for you:

From Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures comes “Man of Steel”, starring Henry Cavill, directed by Zach Snyder. The film also stars Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Ayelet Zurer, Henry Lennix, Christopher Meloni and Laurence Fishburne.

Trailer that I embedded by using magic code. 

Man of Steel comes out on June 14th in a theater near me, ya’ll need to sort out where it’s goona be in your own damn neighborhood.

Source: Cloud God and also /Film

Live from Hall H, our Dev Richards will be live blogging all of San Diego Comic-Con’s biggest panels including Django Unchained, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, and Iron Man 3. Below is the blow by blow of what is going on at the Man of Steel panel.

3:41 Zack Snyder takes the stage.

3:45 About to show footage. Snyder says he wanted people to put themselves in Superman’s shoes and feel his vulnerability.

3:47 The clip is fantastic, dark and not at all hokey. The flight scenes are rather amazing and suit looks sleek and oddly classic. The hair has that good old fashioned pomp. The whole thing had a grey washed feel to it.

3:49 Henry Cavill takes the stage.

3:50 The audience is asking questions. Snyder is asked why he wanted to make a Superman movie, Snyder is vaguely vague and seems a bit bored [Editors note: felt the same way during Watchmen]

3:51 He is asked which arc they used, he is non-specific and says that they mashed them together.

3:55 There’s no crying at Comic-Con! A guy was just crying while asking about the villain, Chris Hardwick (The Moderator) hugged him and Snyder gave him a slightly rude answer. Hardwick hug > Director rudeness.

3:56 Showing the same footage again.

3:58 Zod! I missed it the first time. He looks Romanesque.

4:02 The other ultimate question is asked: Who would win in a fight between Snyder’s Superman and Nolan’s Batman? Snyder says “Look, I love batman. He’s literally awesome. But…….really?”

4:05 Cavill is asked what he read to prepare for the role and also if he will give her his SDCC name card (despite that not being allowed). He says Death of Superman, Superman Returns, and Red Son. Then he gives her the name card, so, you know, keep an eye on eBay or something.

4:07 A very muscular fellow asks Cavill how he got so buff. Cavil says he spent an extra hour at both the beginning and ending of the day. Suddenly I am in a Golds Gym.

4:09 There is a question about whether or not there will be a Justice League movie: Snyder says “Superman is the jewel in DC’s crown. Right now were getting his house in order and then we will see.”

So ends the Man of Steel panel. Check out our continuing LIVE BLOG coverage of The Hobbit and Iron Man 3.