It’s over. It’s done. What could have been an exciting chance to reinvigorate a failed franchise, implementing hard lessons learned from when the original Heroes went belly up in 2010, ended up being a tired retread of that first season, as it all came down to saving the blonde, and the world, from a fiery holocaust in a prophesied meet-up in a public square. The end of Heroes Reborn was a convoluted affair, at once the previous 12 episodes were leading to this, but the it seemed like the conclusion was being written on the fly. Character arcs are paid off in simplest of ways, and the one scene of genuine emotion felt lacking because the character development wasn’t there. (more…)

You surely heard the news yesterday that Heroes Reborn would not be returning for a second season. This is not surprising, because while it’s hard enough for the Heroes brand to stand apart in an age when there are actual superhero shows on TV, Reborn couldn’t even live up to the expectations of Heroes season one. I’ve enjoyed following some of the characters, but really the show has been kind of a slog to get through as creator Tim Kring seems hopeless determined to write this series as if it were still 2006. How else do you explain that now, in the endgame, he takes time out to give us the incredibly blasé motivations of Erica Kravid. (more…)

‘Heroes Reborn’ is Cancelled; No One is Surprised


Fans of the hit TV Heroes were cautiously excited this year when it was announced that the show would be rebooted as Heroes Reborn. During the 2015 superbowl, NBC released a teaser for the show and in July a six chapter web series called Dark Matters was released to drum up hype for the show. Series creator Tim Kring returned, as did Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, and Sendhil Ramamurthy, who all starred in the original series. Although, the show was billed as an “event miniseries,” the assumption always was that it was a pilot season of sorts and more episodes would be ordered if this season went well. The season has not gone well and the network is now saying they have no plans to continue with the show past this season.


It’s been a month and a half since Heroes Reborn left us off on a bizarre cliffhanger where Noah Bennet disappeared, Miko was alive and well in the future, Tommy was being pressed into helping Erica, and Matt Parkman went full evil as the head of a Children of the Corn style X-Mansion full of hypnotized evos. All-in-all, having experienced this first of the final three episodes of Heroes Reborn, it would have been preferential if we had just powered through, and finished the whole thing up before Christmas. Instead, we have to kick-off 2016 by slogging through this bizarrely non-urgent first leg of the series’ climax. (more…)

Last week’s episode of Heroes: Reborn laid out the full stakes of what’s the end game is going to look like, albeit with some needless complications thrown in for good measure. This week, some of those complications persist, but “11:53 to Odessa” was definitely a more direct, and streamlined effort. The post-flashback momentum continued as the series now races towards its conclusion, but the question remains if the show can tie up all those dangling plot threads. More importantly, can the show stick the landing in a way that the original Heroes never could, even in its highly vaunted first season. (more…)

Part two of Heroes Reborn‘s extended flashback to June 13th affirmed many of the thoughts I had with part one, this would have been so much better if it came several weeks ago. The secrets surrounding the events of Odessa and the tragedy there-in unfurl completely, and the result is what should be a new energy going into the final five episodes as Noah knows what pieces he needs, and now has to find a way to put them all together. There are new complications though, and a few lingering questions, but everything was wrapped up in a neat little bow this just wouldn’t be Heroes. (more…)

Now, at exactly the halfway point of Heroes Reborn, we finally get some of the answers we’ve been waiting for, the question is does anyone still care? Back in the day – about 10 years ago – during Heroes first go around, it was expected that it would take months to unwind a story, and that you, as an audience member, were free to play with the mystery box until all answers were revealed in the fullness of time. We’re not that patient anymore, and despite a couple of interesting moments here and there, Heroes Reborn has wavered in its ability to weave a compelling story to get us hooked back into its super world. Can a flashback, ahem, save the day? (more…)

If there’s one shrewd thing that The Walking Dead has done in the last couple of years, it’s the show’s willingness to focus on a couple of characters for a whole episode excluding the rest of the expansive cast. The advantage is that you can enjoy a subplot from beginning to end without being taken away to other stories, some of which may be meandering, metaphorically walking in a circle, as the rest of the narrative catches up. This thought occurred to me while watching the latest episode of Heroes Reborn, which made some marvelous leaps in story, but we had to sit threw other stuff in-between that zapped those portions of any momentum. (more…)

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Last week’s two-hour premiere of Heroes Reborn showed promised, but as any reasonably cynical person once burned by the original run on the show may point out: beginnings are easy, sustaining the momentum is hard. “Under the Mask” offered another mixed bag with some compelling story directions for some of the characters, and infuriatingly cryptic hints about possible story directions with the rest. As opposed to previous, longer seasons of Heroes though, the show seems to be getting to the point a lot faster with fewer diversions and less filler. But having said that, there’s still more than enough reason to be concerned that this flight of Heroes will crash and burn. (more…)

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Once there was this show called Heroes. It premiered in the Fall of 2006, well before comic book movies and TV shows were as plentiful as they are right now, but it ended up tanking in spectacular fashion after just four short seasons that saw it fall apart creatively and in terms of popularity. So what could possibly make the same man that governed over Heroes meteoric rise and prolonged monotonous return to Earth think he had something to add to a TV landscape that already includes no less than five hours of superhero TV on a weekly basis? (more…)