HG Wells

There’s a Documentary About Time Machines


I like the physicist (Ronald Mallett) more than I like the hobbyist (Rob Niosi), but I’m making judgments off of a 145 second snippet of what is probably a 90 minute movie that is a snippet of the story that these men are living in. That means I’m an asshole who never accepted the intrinsic wisdom of the adage, “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. We all do it. Judge books, judge albums, judge lovers — all by their covers. I digress.

These guys are wannabe time travelers, not the kind from the movies with the puffy vests and the Calvin Klein underwear.

One is a real romantic who wants to cut in line and see how this whole thing shakes out. He wants to know what the end looks like, a common human obsession. Blame that for zombies and Roland Emmerich movies.



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