It’s hard to believe they could possibly be filming more for The Avengers with their release date only three weeks away, but it’s been confirmed that yes, everyone got together after the premiere to shoot a new scene. What they filmed is still a complete and utter mystery but it’s rumored to show during the credits. Guess we’ll have until it releases May 4th to know for sure. What do you think the scene could have been?

Something that didn’t get filmed and was initially planned was a reunion between Captain America and his sweetheart from the past, Peggy Carter in the present day. The idea being Carter would will still be alive in 2012 so why wouldn’t Cap seek her out. Sadly, this scene never happened because, according to Joss Whedon in The New York Times, it slowed down the action-packed film.


Here are some new hi-res images from the Marc Webb‘s The Amazing Spider-Man. Now, some of these have already come out online but they don’t look as good unless they are in high resolution. It’s just a fact people.

San Diego Comic-Con proved The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be something very special. When Spider-Man himself, Andrew Garfield, pulled the blushing fanboy move it showed his dedication to the relaunched franchise. It’s safe to say that this Spider-Man definitely isn’t a Sam Raimi knockoff, it’ll stands as a very strong picture on its own.

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