We recently announced that the director of John Wick 2 was chosen by Lionsgate to direct the upcoming Highlander reboot and yesterday, he finally came out and talked about the project. This is big news for a franchise that has suffered from poor sequels and development hell for the reboot. Now that John Wick 2 is out in theaters, director Chad Stahelski (John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2) can refocus on the project and bring the immortals back to the big screen.


Fans of the original Highlander film from 1986 are generally wary of new adaptations and introductions into the series. After the horror that was Highlander 2: The Quickening, most fans could be heard repeating the oft-used phrase, “There can be only one” in reference to the film. After four sequels, mostly on the bad side of filmmaking, and an animated & live action television series that started out well but degraded as the seasons progressed, perhaps it is time to reignite the series. Development for a new Highlander reboot has been in one form of development hell or another since 2008, but it seems that production may be progressing with the recent announcement that the forthcoming reboot will be the first in a trilogy.



(*Insert There can be only one joke here) Now that we’ve got that out-of-the-way, Lionsgate and Summit teamed up back in 2008 to acquire the rights to Highlander with plans to reboot the franchise on the big screen. There have been a number of directors attached to the project like Justin Lin, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Cedric Nicolas-Troyan, but in a move much like the Highlander plot without all the head chopping off, there can be only one. Dammit, we just couldn’t stay away from that joke could we. THR is reporting that John Wick Co-director Chad Stahelski is now in the Highlander center seat. (more…)


There’s no doubt that Dave Bautista‘s acting career is on an upswing after he landed, and blew us all way as Drax in James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. He’s already scheduled to play the Assassin Mr. Hinx in the upcoming James Bond film Spectre opposite Daniel Craig. Now word is slowly making its way around the Internet that Bautista is about to join another beloved Sci-Fi franchise, Highlander, by taking on one of the series iconic villains in the reboot.



This week on The BastardCast, Jeremy and Jason grieve over a suddenly apologetic Dan Harmon, discuss why we want Ryan Reynolds to play another sword-wielding badass, and go over the Star Wars casting breakdown and the solo Solo film.

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leonardo-dicaprio-wolf-of-wall-streetThe BastardCast: We will never give you direction, or name you after one.

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You should know, I took this story merely for the puny headline. Now that I have satisfied my witticism, I can dance a sigh of relief knowing Summit’s Highlander reboot has put another nail in it’s coffin.

A few years back, Summit Entertainment entertained (pun intended) the idea of rebooting Highlander; the 1986 pop culture flick about a centuries old sword-swinging Scotsman fighting for his immortality. Justin Lin was attached early on, but departed in 2011 so he could make Fast and Furious 6. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo had hopped in 2012 for a bit, but rolled out right fucking quick per creative disputes. The script itself even passed a few hands. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway (Iron Man) dreamt up first draft, then Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight) was brought on for rewrites in 2011. The most recent draft was penned by Noah Oppenheim. Who?

Despite the project being tossed around like a piece of shit at a dung beetle convention, it somehow caught the attention of  Ryan Reynolds. I guess because, you know, he clearly hasn’t played enough super heroes? Had he stayed with the project, he would have played the lead of Connor MacLeod, who was portrayed by Christopher Lambert in the 1986 original. To the chagrin of no one, he passed on the project. Apparently Reynolds got tired of waiting around for Summit to lock down a committed director, so he said (paraphrasing) “see ya later”.

According to The Wrap, Reynolds departure means Summit will be wiping the slate clean and start from square one. New script, new director and new staff.

To that I say, let us all hold a summit (that’s my final pun, I swear) at Summit Entertainment. We blast the Queen Sound track to the 1986 Highlander until the studio heads lose their heads and forfeit this god forsaken reboot.

To Ryan Reynolds I say: Please stop this nonsense. Make everyone happy and go fucking make Deadpool already!

“Wait? They actually gave me the part?”

Though it is considered blasphemy by many, the classic sword-fighting immortals of Highlander are on the list of remakes for the near future.  Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment are leading the charge, with Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) set to direct.  It’s been in the rumor mill that they were hoping to secure the services of a certain Ryan Reynolds to take on the lead role of Connor MacLeod.  Now finally, after a month of negotiations, it is official – Reynolds has the job.

With a career of mostly rom-coms behind him, coupled with some rather tepid performances in other genres, it’s up-in-the-air whether Reynolds will be able to step into the shoes of Christopher Lambert.  The original Highlander is considered a classic among many (myself included) for its rich atmosphere, unique concept and the kick-ass soundtrack by Queen.  A remake has the potential to spell disaster or create a new vision that could inspire multiple sequels.

We at Nerdbastards, in an effort to be impartial, asked another huge fan of the original what his opinion on the Reynolds casting is and got this response: 

I think the Dark Lord of the Sith echoes the sentiments of Highlander fans everywhere.

Thanks to The Tracking Board for bringing us the news.

Normally, I am a forgiving person when it comes to reboots, more so than most others.  It’s nice to see what the new blood can do with an old franchise, even if it usually doesn’t work out for the best.  And, all things considered, it’s still better than just taking an old film, adding a few scenes and special effects and then remarketing it for cash (yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Lucas).

But when it was announced that Highlander would be getting the facelift treatment, I was skeptical.  The atmosphere and conceptual genius behind the first one is not easily reproduced.  It is all too easy to fall into the trap of remaking it in an actiony vein and losing the theme of the original.

Now, as if the news couldn’t get any worse, Ryan Reynolds is slotted as the forerunner of possibles in casting.

To quote the source:

“Ryan Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner to topline Lionsgate-Summit’s franchise reboot, and though it’s unclear whether an actual offer has been made, sources tell Variety that both sides are in talks and are very interested in working together. Insiders add that Reynolds is weighing other offers and that [he] could still pursue another project,”

Ok, so Christopher Lambert (pre-gigantic forehead days) was not the most amazing of actors, but he did fit the role.  And even Sean Connery with his inability to do a Spanish accent was enjoyable.

But… Ryan <choke> Reynolds!?  Seriously?  This guy floundered through Green Lantern like a chimpanzee on crack and they want to set him up to destroy another franchise?  Was he sent by malevolent aliens from outer space on a mission to mutilate the movies that fans love?   This guy needs to be locked away; at least until Highlander is finished shooting, else angry fans may be doing some shooting of their own.

Next thing you know, Justin Bieber will be slotted to compose the new soundtrack.


Thanks to comingsoon for giving us the bad news on this one.