The first and second episodes of Danger 5 have hit the Internet and it’s quickly moved to my top five weekly “Gotta See” on Internet list. Danger 5 follows five spies in an alternative version of World War II as they try to kill Hitler in a world populated with lizard men, Japanese robots and a whole lot of amazing cardboard miniature models. Don’t try to explain it, just enjoy.

Danger 5 is a YouTube exclusive series from David Russo and David Ashby, the creators of the Italian Spiderman.

Episode One Synopsis:
Jackson, Pierre and Tucker are deep undercover in Nazi Germany. Armed with guns, poison, plastic explosive and raw patriotism, they plan to end World War II at Hitler’s favourite nightspot, the Black Dog. Just as the Big Man shows up in their iron sights, so does his new bullet-proof vest — made of 24-carat She-Nazis!

Check out the episodes below and let NerdBastards know what you think in the comments section below.

Danger 5 – All Up In Hitler’s Biscutt

This might just be the coolest thing I have seen since that video of a cat eating tacos this morning. The music, costumes, and just zaniness of this webseries looks to make it a wild ride. Created by Australians Dario Russo and David Ashby, Danger 5 premires November 21st. 

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Even Hitler’s Pissed About The Company Wide DC Reboot

By now you know about what DC comics has in store for it’s top comic book franchises like Batman, Wonder Woman and of course Superman. If you don’t here’s the short and skinny version of it all: Every major comic book hero is getting rebooted back to to issue #1. This has more then a few people wanting to riot in their nearest comic book stores but it pales in comparison to the fury of the leader of the Third Reich.

Hitler brings down the verbal schmerz

If this footage looks familiar to you it should, it’s a clip from the 2004 German movie Downfall, now known to the Internet as the Hitler Reacts Meme. You’ve seen this clip used for everything from pokemon to the recent Playstation Network hack, but this one may take the trophy (for the next six months).

Don’t feel too bad though Hitler, it’ll always be spring time for those untouched issues of Vertigo you have packed away.

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This idea for s show sounds so amazing, I hope it actually gets made and is done right!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, author Michael Chabon and his wife, Ayelet Waldman, are working on a new series with HBO, tentatively entitled Hobgoblin.

The series centers on, are you ready for this?

A group of magicians and con men who use their skills at deception to battle Hitler and his forces during World War II.

How potentially amazing does that sound?

Chabon is no stranger to Hollywood, as he has writing credits on Spider-Man 2 as well as the upcoming movies John Carter of Mars, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Snow and the Seven.

Other than the rough synopsis above, not much more information was given, so I plan to keep a close eye on this one as it develops. I see a mash-up of Inglorious Basterds and The Illusionist.

What do you think?