hitman reboot


Hey, here’s a… story. It’s your first look at the new film version of Hitman. You remember the 2007 film Hitman, don’t you? It starred Timothy Olyphant and Olga Kurylenko and was directed by Xavier Gen (who’s also made the ‘X’ segment of The ABCs of Death). If you don’t then that’s okay, because the producers of Agent 47 certainly hope you don’t end up recollecting it. The new film is currently being shot in various locations of a European type, sometimes outside, which is how we got the spy-pic posted below. (more…)

rupert friend

Way back in 2007, there was an attempt to bring the widely famous Hitman video game series to the big screen. Of course, like many video game adaptations, Hitman turned out to be much less than fans would have hoped. Now, however, a new flick is in the works – Agent 47. Unfortunately, the untimely death of Paul Walker means that the role of Agent 47 (aka The Hitman) is up for grabs. Now it looks as if they may soon have the role filled by actor Rupert Friend. (more…)