Fans may be divided on The Hobbit, but they’re united in their love for Lord of the Rings even 10 years after that trilogy came to a close. If you have any doubt that the love was still there, then you should have been in Room 718B on Saturday afternoon for the standing room only crowd for Sean Astin and Billy Boyd. Fire regulations were definitely pushed to the breaking point, and the Q&A was delayed as more and more people crowded around the back of the room to relive the glory days with two of the Fellowship. (more…)

Empire magazine is marking the tenth anniversary of The Lord of the Rings with a look back with the cast and crew. The article is described as:

The new issue is more bursting with revelry and nostalgia than a Friday night at the Prancing Pony. There’s tall tales – well, tallish tales – memories; behind-the-scenes pics from Aragorn himself, Viggo Mortensen; Oscar night reflections from Ian McKellen, Peter Jackson and Mortensen; and rarely-seen concept art.

Best of all, though, is a gathering of the four hobbits themselves: Elijah Wood (Frodo), Sean Astin (Samwise Gamgee), Billy Boyd (Pippin) and Dominic Monaghan (Merry). It was so momentous it called for its own trailer – and here it is for your perusal pleasure. Sadly the Nazgûl got stuck in LA traffic. 

The December issue comes out this Thursday and looks to be a fun read. Check out the promo video put together to promote the issue, it’s a hoot. What question would you want one of the hobbits to answer if given the chance?


In what is some strangely phenomenal bit of promotion for “the regional premiere of the acclaimed Irish bare-knuckle boxing documentary Knuckle” at this year’s Fantastic Fest, Elijah Wood challenged fellow former Hobbit, Dominic Monaghan to a debate followed by a round of boxing. Yes, you read that correctly, two hobbits fought each other. In a boxing ring.

What’s the dilemma of their debate? World of Warcraft. Wood hates it, Monaghan loves it.

Below is Wood’s challenge. Was he drunk when he made this video? It’s unsure. (But I’m going with yes. Most definitely, yes.)

Hah! I just about spit soda all over the screen at, “Where’s your Pippin now, bitch.”

Of course, Monaghan, not one to back down from a challenge, responded,

Then, in Austin, Texas the debate and subsequent boxing match went down. Who d’ya think would reign victorious? Of this Rumble in the Shire, who remains standing?

Ah, nuts. They settle their debate quite amicably and neither hobbit is knocked out. But whatever, if this fight was to go the whole nine yards, who would you pick to win?

Source: The Daily What (2)

Peter Jackson to Film The Hobbit in 3D!


Why not film and epic movie with an EPIC camera?  Well, recently when Peter Jackson decided that his new project The Hobbit should be filmed entirely  in 3D he decided to do just that.  Jackson will be using an EPIC camera from Red Brand to shoot the back to back films for  The Hobbit in New Zealand.

The quality of these cameras are truly amazing and will no doubt do The Hobbit justice (whether or not Jackson does).  Jackson seems pretty excited about using this bad boy and had this to say,

“I have always liked the look of Red footage. I’m not a scientist or mathematician, but the image Red produces has a much more filmic feel than most of the other digital formats. I find the picture quality appealing and attractive, and with the Epic, Jim and his team have gone even further. It is a fantastic tool, the Epic not only has cutting edge technology, incredible resolution and visual quality, but it is also a very practical tool for film makers. Many competing digital systems require the cameras to be tethered to large cumbersome VTR machines. The Epic gives us back the ability to be totally cable free, even when working in stereo.”

With that said, this camera should make The Hobbit should look pretty bad ass!

In addition to Peter Jackson being excited about being able to utilize this great film-making tool for the project Jim Jannard who is the owner and founder of RED is pretty ecstatic about the camera being used as well. Jannard commented,

“Everybody at RED is incredibly proud that Peter has chosen the Epic. The Hobbit is a major production, and could have chosen any camera system that they wanted. The fact that they went with us is extremely gratifying.”

Of course Jannard is stoked The Hobbit is going to put not only his camera but his company on the map.

Originally, The Hobbit, starring Andy Serkis, Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Rob Kazinsky, Aidan Turner, Graham McTavish, John Callen, Stephen Hunter, Mark Hadlow, Peter Hambleton, James Nesbitt, and Adam Brown was set to be filmed in 2D only when director Guillermo Del Toro, who was originally set to direct The Hobbit was on board.  Jackson has certainly thrown that idea out the window with deciding to use the EPIC camera by RED.  So what do you guys think about this epic 3D Hobbit experience??

Source: ComicBookMovie