Hit Somebody might be Kevin Smith‘s final film, but he’s gonna stretch it into two. Why? Because he can, that’s why. Smith has become a studio unto himself; having always been extremely involved in his films, normally writing, directing, editing and sometimes acting, Smith is now distributing them without the help of a studio. He first did this with his current film, Red State, and I’d expect the same to be the case for Hit Somebody, parts one and two.

Working outside the studio system gives Smith the freedom to make his film finale however he wants.  Sadly, a movie about hockey wouldn’t have received the money needed to tell the story in one film, let alone two. As far as most Americans, and American movie studios, know, hockey is the weird sport with sticks those Canadians play. Kind of how we’re also easily confused by soccer. ‘Mericans want movies about ‘merican sports, like baseball and football! Yeah! ‘MERICA!

Hit Somebody is about Buddy, a tough hockey player who goes professional with dreams of making one goal. The split is said to come once he’s made the leap to a professional team, meaning the first film would focus on his childhood.

As of right now Hit Somebody stars Nicholas BraunKyle Gallner, Michael Angarano and possibly Colin Hanks, Stephen Root, John Goodman and Melissa Leo. Smith has posted a few scenes on his blog, Silent Bob Speaks, which you can read here and here.

Whaddya think? Think a Kevin Smith drama-comedy about hockey will have people hooked for two films? Will he release it himself, a la Red State?

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It’s a bummer of a day for fans of comedy as it is for certain that Kevin Smith will officially be retiring once he finishes his upcoming film Hit Somebody. Most folks who have been following Smith are well aware of this. We actually reported this back in November, but it wasn’t official then. For those who doubted the fat man, he recently spoke at a screening of Red State during the Sundance Film Festival, and announced his retirement.

Leave it to Smith to go out with a bang (literally and figuratively!)  Hit Somebody is a story about a hockey player who doesn’t just has a love of the game but a love for fighting as well.  The cast is rounding and consist of Kyle Gallner who just worked with Smith on Red State and Nicholas Braun a rising star who has done a few small projects and will hit the big screen is the newest Disney, High School Musical type movie, Prom.

It is fitting that Smith would go out this way , in a fucking heaping pile of controversy that would make for a great Kevin Smith film itself.    His recent film Red State has created quite a bit  fuss due to the events of the film focus on an outrageous evangelical pastor and the people in the town who blindly follow his irrational ways.  The film’s plot even has the disgusting pile of crap known as the Westboro Baptist Church speaking out against the film. Also, Smith will be distributing the film himself by going on tour and also only plan to promote through nonconventional ways. It’s unknown what Smith will ultimately do, but it’s speculated that will “instead focus on helping other people make movies. Whether this means that he will be serving as a producer or continuing to write is unknown.”

Oh Kevin Smith, I will miss your crude humor and endearing work like Mallrats, Jersey Girl and Zack and Miri.  What about Clerks you may ask?? (yes, I know I like the most random Kevin Smith films!)

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Stan Lee Pucks Up The NHL Guardians


I never thought that I would yearn for the good old days of SuperPro.  Yeah, I said it.  Stan is the Man but sometimes even the man should know when to pass up a quick buck.

“But Mark,” you say, “Hockey could use some heroes, and Stan Lee is awesome!”

Hockey wants some new exposure, some new hype?  Why not pass out remote controllers so fans can control the action like the old days of table top hockey?

The NHL Guardian Project, has Lee turning each team name into a superhero. It does have some slick designs, and professional videos.

“Aquatic danger sense”  “Water Breathing”   C’mon, these look like they went through some cookie cutter super hero machine.  “OK, throw everything you know about Sharks into the hopper.  Stan, turn the crank!”  Out comes “The Shark”.  Stan Lee really just Pucked up some team mascots.

Even Van Damne couldn’t make Hockey exciting with terrorists and gun fights.

After years of Who Wants to be a Superhero, Stan Lee’s Condor, Mosaic, Stan Lee’s take on DC heroes Just Imagine I am ready for Stan to sit back and let the younger crowd take the reins.  Hey, Stan revolutionized the comic book industry, now it’s time to sit on a convention panel, answer fan boy questions, and take pictures with Cosplay Leia slave girls.

“Hit somebody! was what the crowd roared / When Buddy the goon came over the boards /
“Coach,” he’d say, “I wanna score goals” / The coach said, “Buddy, remember your role /
The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score, / Protect them, Buddy, that’s what you’re here for”

Ah, now with words that poetic who wouldn’t wanna make a movie about it? Well Kevin Smith sure as hell did!  In his upcoming project Hit Somebody based on the song by Warren Zevon, Smith has just decided to cast Nicholas Braun (Sky High), who Smith worked with on Red State.  The 22 year actor certainly looks as though he could play rough and tough hockey player Buddy McKracken, but who knows if has the ability to command the screen.

Originally, Seann William Scott was set to play the role but ended up leaving the project for another hockey movie.  Here’s what Smith had to say about his casting situation,

At one point it was Seann William Scott, and Seann William Scott apparently wanted to make a hockey movie real fuckin’ bad… So he went to do another one, which meant we were star-less for a while, which was totally OK by me. But then I found so much of my Hit Somebody cast while making Red State, so… The guy who’s going to play my lead, whose name is Buddy McKraken in the movie, is a fella who’s in our flick [Red State] and his name is Nicholas Braun. He’s this really great actor who I love to death and he is the perfect lead for this hockey movie, for this script.

Hit Somebody is set to get rolling some time between July and September of 2011.  Now while we may not know much about the project I have no doubts that Mr. Smith will not disappoint us or his country (“Oh Canada”) by making a shitty hockey movie.  Hopefully this thing will be as hilarious as it sounds. What do you guys think??

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