Home Alone


The kind of classic film that appeals to every generation, complete with a festive setting that promises it will get fresh attention at least once a year, Home Alone has reached millions of people with its slapstick humour. There is nothing that is funny in quite the same way as watching an apparently innocent child show a couple of textbook bad guys who’s really in charge. Macauley Culkin’s Kevin McCallister has likely been responsible for a lot of damage across the world caused by pranks inspired by his attempt to defend his home from intruders. (more…)


Ever wonder how Kevin McCallister turned out after the events in Home Alone? Jack Dishel’s new webseries :DRYVRS tackles the question in the first episode with an appearance by Macaulay Culkin. The episode, called “Just Me in the House By Myself,” clocks in at just over five minutes, but it gives the audience a pretty good idea of how Kevin’s life has gone since that fateful week when he was eight years old. (more…)

Home alone

For many, the holiday season means friends and family.  For others, it’s all about the lights and festivities.  Still, others look forward to spending hours in front of the television, watching those old holiday classics that everyone has come to know and love.  Alongside the old staples like A Christmas Story, It’s A Wonderful Life, and, of course, Die Hard, lives the 1990 John Hughes/Chris Columbus comedy, Home Alone (more…)

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It don’t matter if your husband is one of the five brightest minds of the Marvel universe, If Namor is looking to break off a piece he’ll oil himself up more then a chippendales dancer. A collaborative piece by Jae Lee and Jose Villarubia this shows just how deadly the Sub-Mariner is when he’s sick of getting Dolphin tail. [Comics Alliance]

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While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected, and we can’t help you fix any past holiday humbuggery, maybe we can help you get this holiday season off to a good start.

For the next 12 days (Dec 1st-12th), the staff of Nerd Bastards will be listing a few of their favorite nerdy things. Gadgets, doohickeys, thingamabobs and more – all sorts of  items that have been Nerd tested and Bastard approved. Basically, stuff you want, things you need, and everything you can’t have.

We hope you’ll  find some unique and nerdtastic gifts among our selections, and that they make their way under your tree, Menorah or Kwanzaa bush.

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1. Ultimate Kate or Die #1 by Kate Leth

Tattoos, relationships, lesbians and guinea pigs. What does all of this have to do with comics? Everything, that’s what. This collection of comic strips from Nova Scotia artist Kate Leth is on sale now for a steal at $5 a pop, and it’s well worth the price. Featuring strips on everything from cosplay and tattoo etiquette, to the secret relationship between Spider-Man and Deadpool, it’s 32 pages of fun wrapped up in one neat, shelf fitting package. Although, if you live in the Halifax area, just go over to Strange Adventures Comix & Curiosities, they’re always holding a few issues just in case and you might even meet Kate.