Honest Trailers

Ghost in the Shell was supposed to be a promising beginning to a slew of glossy, high-profile remakes of great anime classics, but before it was even released, it was doomed to failure. The “white washing” controversy concerning the casting of Scarlett Johansson sabotaged the film amongst even those who had never heard of the original anime Ghost, and combined with the negative reviews, there was almost no way that Ghost in the Shell was going to be even a borderline success. So considering all it demerits, why not give up and just make an honest trailer out of it?  (more…)

Most out there have witnessed the critical tirade that is Honest Trailers. Brought to the world byScreen Junkies, this amusing series of YouTube videos takes the movies that we all know and love (and sometimes hate with a passion) and tear them into little pieces for all the stupid crap that the writers, producers and directors decided would make good cinema. And it appears as if the Screen Junkies crew has now achieved a milestone, what with this, their 200th episode. The parody series takes an honest look back at Hugh Jackman in FOX’s 2017 third and final solo Wolverine film, Logan. Oh, and they seek the help of Ryan Reynolds Deadpool to do it.   (more…)

The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers were an immediate hit on Fox‘s weekday afternoon line-up, a kid-friendly money-maker that was generating ratings, millions in merch, and more than a few scared parents that didn’t like all the karate chopping the kids were doing on the playground because of it. The geniuses at Fox decided to do the only thing they could: make more money! In 1995, Twentieth Century Fox released Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie, which was everything the TV show had but was made for about four weeks worth of TV episodes. You know what this thing needs? An honest trailer.  (more…)


Back in 1995, when the first of the Mortal Kombat game series was still dancing (or splattering blood) in people heads, the impossible happened: news of a Mortal Kombat movie! Images of bloody spinal cords, gory decapitations, and perhaps a few sweet ‘Flawless Victories’ danced in the skulls of fans.  Of course, an R rated, extreme, Kung Fu, violence-fest is NOT the film that was delivered. Still, at the time, it was the greatest damn movie to anyone in the second grade. Even now, 20+ years later, it still holds up as the best film adaptation of a video game. Given the MK movie featured a giant four-armed man puppet getting punched in the dick, that’s saying something!

Of course, 2 years later, the dumber-than-a-bag-of-hammers Mortal Kombat Annihilation happened and shat in everyones cereal.

Looking back at these two earmarks in video game movie history, are the guys from Screen Junkies. They’ve given the MK movie franchise the ole’ Honest Trailer treatment. As one might expect, they were not kind. (more…)


If there is one thing that Screen Junkies has made quite clear over the years, it is that no one is safe from ridicule, that any and every movie must be criticised to prove its worth. No matter how great it might be to the untrained eye, the Honest Trailers series will expose every flaw in all the most popular releases. In their most recent video, they’ve taken on be the baddest of the bad. The most dangerous villains in the entire DC universe have come under the critical eye of one of YouTube’s most scathing pop culture critics. (more…)


It had to happen eventually, there’s only so many ways to avoid what fans clamor for and Screen Junkies finally broke down and took on the BBC‘s hit show Sherlock for an Honest Trailer Treatment. Now as often happens when the Honest Trailer Treatment is given to an honestly fantastic movie or show, it is more of celebration than a burning at the stake as they look at Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. (more…)


Wading through the critcism of the 2016 sort-of-remake-sort-of-reboot-not-really-sequel to Ghostbusters is the kind of project that takes a real pro to tackle head on. Especially if you want it done right. Between the people who refuse to embrace change and the stuff that is purely sexist vitriol, it has become a herculean feat to figure out what people genuinely like or dislike about the movie when they sit down to watch it and critique it in its own right. That is, when people manage to find it in themselves to ignore the drama. (more…)

Screen Junkies are at it again taking on, or down as the case may be, Captain America: Civil War. That’s right, even the most beloved film of the summer (90/90 on Rotten Tomatoes) doesn’t walk away with a free pass when it comes to Honest Trailers. Did they mention that one plot point that drove you crazy in the movie? Don’t worry, Honest Trailers gives you the answer to all your issues with the film.. roll the Airport scene!!! (more…)