Honey I Shrunk the Kids


Rick Moranis. He was one of the great sidekicks of all time, capitalizing on his SCTV days (which concluded with his very own beer guzzling adventure, Strange Brew, in 1983) to appear in Ghostbusters [1984] as everybody’s favorite nasally nerd, Louis Tully. The very same year, he played the smarmy manager and boyfriend of Ellen Aim (a sultry Diane Lane) in Walter Hill’s oft overlooked classic, Streets of Fire . The 80s were something of a legendary run for Moranis, as he worked with Mel Brooks (Spaceballs), Harold Ramis (Club Paradise) and even starred in his own Frank Oz-helmed musical (Little Shop of Horrors).

Then, in 1996, he just disappeared. (more…)

OUT929293(‘Guess Who Monday’ is a weekly feature here at nerdbastards, where we challenge you to take a look at the lastest, grown up, former child star and see if you can guess who they use to be. )

When we do ‘Guess Who Monday’ we generally leave the personally commentary to side. But, it today’s case I feel it necessary to say that this pariah of Hollywood was a child actress that I crushed over for many years. In fact she was probably the first on screen girl that determined my sexuality. Had it not been for her I might be loving double rainbows in another capacity. Of course that was then, and after recently watching the film for which she is famous for I can’t say the pink, high waisted, “mom pants” she wore does anything for me for me anymore.

Anyway, who is the striking lass with the lavish lips, piercing eyes and hair that’s way too damn short (pictured above)? Well, if the clue in my earlier rant was to vague here’s another. Her career lasted about the equivalent to the size of her character, in one of the last great films of Rick Moranis.