Hot Rod


Earlier this week, we got a good look at a new billboard advertising Transformers: The Last Knight in Times Square. Like a lot of Transformers advertising, it makes you forget that the previous movies were actually not very good, because Michael Bay is a ninja with marketing. (Or, the more likely, he’s got a ninja doing his marketing.) So here we go again, Bay’s people are doing their voodoo on us, and today the spell is cast with the introduction of another major Transformers character. Fans of the 1986 Transformers: The Movie take note because Hot Rod has been added to the robot cast of the upcoming sequel. (more…)

This beauty of an internet video hails from the only land so perfectly crazy to imagine it, Japan. It’s the highest quality of internet video too, the animation is really damn good and it’s why this absurdity works. If our favorite Autobots are going to dance around to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at least have them dance well. You’ll want to check this video out, consider it a treat to begin your weekend.

One thing will nag at any true Transformer fan, though. Hot Rod, sorry, Rodimus Prime is the lead dancer and singer. Whaaa? I think we can all agree Optimus Prime is the true leader of the Autobots, dude even came back from the dead to reclaim the Matrix of leadership. Then again, this is from Japan, maybe the Transformers film in which Hot Rod becomes leader is more popular. The video includes other movie favorites, Perceptor and Ultra Magnus. Or Hot Rod could be taking a dive for Optimus. I can’t see the famed Autobot leader shaking his ass like a good pop singer. Note, Hot Rod does. A lot.

source: Topless Robot

This is Richardson. He is a bit character in the completely underated Hot Rod….He makes me happy when I’m sad, in fact, I find that most Asians doing anything make me take a step back from the ledge. Saving Silverman? The old Asian man falling down the stairs? 16 Candles? ” Oh SEXY GIRLFRIEND!!!!”

You can’t discount any Asian being hilarious, its in their very nature to be hysterical!