Hot Wheels


Ok, so a film based on (read: bought the rights to the name of) the iconic Hot Wheels line of toys is apparently a thing….Because Battleship clearly demonstrated how good an idea making a movie based on toys with no inherent story line is.

Legendary Pictures has signed former stuntman Simon Crane to direct the film from a script by Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. (more…)

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Above: This Lady Deathstrike cosplay by No_Onions make me feel all…nostalgic. What? Whatcha think I was gonna say? (TDW: Geek)




The Summer X-Games over the weekend provided us with a childhood memory treat. Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy successfully completed their record-breaking stunt of racing two cars through a vertical loop. The 60-foot-tall loop made of 125 tons of steel was modeled after the Double Dare Snare Hot Wheels toy.

Both drivers had to maintain a steady speed of 52 mph and endure 7 Gs during the loop to make it through. Taz’s Texas Tornado at Six Flags AstroWorld in Texas pulls 6.2 G’s. Check out how that stacks up and how it effects pilots in the G force chart below.

That is some heavy G force to endure while trying to steer a car, luckily there were no problems during the stunt and the time the two actually endured that level of G’s was short.

Makes you want to jump in the car though doesn’t it? This NerdBastard remembers making Hot Wheel tracks with two loops that went down three flights of stairs, it was 10 year old epic.

Would you get in the car if offered the opportunity?

What other childhood toy would you like to see brought to real life?

What is it these days with movie spoilers coming out of toy tie-ins? First we had The Lizard debuting as a PEZ dispenser, then the possibility of seeing the Red Skull in The Avengers, and now we know what Batman’s new ariel, bat-themed mode of transportation is officially called.

You ready?

It’s called…The Bat.

Does everyone else’s mind jump to Hank Venture dressed in an awful Batman costume, running through the halls of Baron Ünderbheit’s fortress in Ünderland, saying, “I am the bat.” No? Just me? Okay.

Wireless Goodness released the FCC filing, wherein three mockups of new Hot Wheels‘ products were remote-controlled toy cars from The Dark Knight Rises. The first two are the Tumbler and the Bat-pod, but the third is what us and the rest of the Internet had been calling the Batwing. Which it’s not. It’s The Bat.

And, y’know what? Hank Venture aside, it sounds pretty badass to me. What do you think of, The Bat?

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