Whenever I’m channel surfing on a boring Monday night and land on ‘Back To The Future’, I just put the remote down without even thinking. It’s a brilliant film with oodles of complexity and a tight hold on one of Hollywood’s various ideas on time travel. I don’t think we’ll ever navigate the past or the future, but there’s a good chance that some of the movie’s technology could come to fruition. Take hoverboards, for instance. In the movie’s somewhat inferior sequel, protagonist Marty McFly zips from 1985 into 2015 and experiences his first encounter with the floating device. Director Robert Zemeckis lied in an interview, saying the contraption was real. But we told science that, according to the movie, they have until 2015 to make that shit happen. Did they or didn’t they? You be the judge. (more…)


Check any “I’m still waiting for this, Science” meme and 99% of the time you’ll see that iconic Hoverboard that saved Marty McFly’s ass throughout the Back to the Future franchise. Everybody wanted one, even those of us that can’t stop falling off regular skateboards and busting our asses on hard concrete.

Director Sydney Freeland has taken that dream and made a short film to celebrate the desire that all Back to the Future fans hold dear to their heart, to hover on their very own Hoverboard. The short is part of the 2013 PBS Online Film Festival and after watching the short you can go vote for it on the PBS site as well as check out the other entries.

Via: /Film

And Now Hoverboards? Great Scott!

Ok, hold on here. So a few weeks back Nike starts selling the Back To The Future 2 shoes, the Air Mag. Then the DeLorean Motor Company and Epic EV team up to mass-produce a fully electric DeLorean called the DMCEV. Now someone is making honest to goodness hoverboards that can support a grown mans weight? Do not mess with my emotions, internet.

It’s done by using something called Quantum Locking. I googled it, found a page filled with math and science, so it’s got to be legit. Or it’s black magic and we should burn them as witches.

Now, before we get to excited, the boards appear to need rails to run on… for now. Come on science, you have till 2015 to make those babies rail free!

Check out videos of your BTTF Nerd dreams made real after the jump:

Where do they get those wonderful toys?….And why can’t I have them. No, not the replicas, I want the real thing. I want to take these real life, fake sci-fi/fantasy items that I am aware do don’t REALLY exist (Can’t I dream!?) and use them for my pleasure. NO! I’m not going to fight crime, or better humanity or save the day, no, I am going to play with them. Yes, really. And these aren’t the Top 8 Coolest Fantasy Toys of all time….They are the Top 8 Coolest Fantasy Toys I want to play with. (more…)