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Well this makes me feel old, it’s been 20 years this September since The X-Files told us the truth is out their and made us want to believe. In honor of it being two decades since the show first premiered on TV screens, it seems that a very special reunion is being put together at the place where all things nerdy get venerated, San Diego Comic Con.

According to, who saw an ad in, of all places, the print edition of TV Guide (?), the reunion panel will take place on July 18th and feature a number of prominent writers who contributed to the series over it’s nine seasons. The guest list includes creator Chris Carter along with David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, John Shiban, Glen Morgan and Jim Wong.

That’s a pretty heady list of TV writers to get in one room if you consider what some of those guys went on to do. Gilligan, for example, is the creator and showrunner of Breaking Bad, while Gordon when on to executive produce both 24 and Homeland. Amann currently works on Castle, while Shiban has recently worked on Torchwood and Hell on Wheels. Morgan and Wong left the show early on to create the cult classic Space: Above & Beyond although they later returned to the show after Space was cancelled and later ran Carter’s X-Files follow-up, Millennium. Currently Wong writes for American Horror Story and Morgan recently worked on the ABC series The River.

What’s interesting is that there’s no announcement of any cast members appearing. No David Duchovny (Mulder) or Gillian Anderson (Scully). No Mitch Peleggi (Skinner), William B. Davis (Cancer Man) or Nicholas Lea (Krychek). Hell, even the Lone Gunman haven’t been announced for an appearance. Perhaps there’ll be an announcement coming soon, or maybe there will a surprise appearance or two.

Either way, better renew your subscription to TV Guide to stay updated.

Source: Geek Tyrant

So what’s the perfect recipe to hit the big viewer demographics when you’re making a new television show?  Super heroes and cops, of course.  Since there’s already a million cop shows and most super hero projects have fallen flat, Fox has decided that maybe a mix of the two will do the trick.  The title of this hybrid project is Vigilant, and it may, at the very least, give the illusion of being something original.  The team putting it together consists of producer Howard Gordon (of 24 and Homeland fame) and script-writer Max Landis (Chronicle).

The story is supposed to follow a 20-year-old female “social outcast” whose father is forced into working for some corrupt Internal Affairs guys.  She decides to don a costume and take to the streets in order to enact her revenge.

It’s a vigilante show, so at least that’s something… right?  If they manage to bring new ideas to the table instead of going over the same tired cop formula, we may have something to look forward to.  Personally, I don’t think it will get past season 1, but hey, stranger things have happened.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.