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There were really three groups of actors on the original Star Trek series:

The leading actors: William ShatnerLeonard Nimoy, and Deforrest Kelley.

There were the  weekly and occasionally recurring guest stars.   These were people like Richard Kiel (Jaws in the Bond films), Joan Collins, Roger C. Carmel (Harry Mudd), etc.

But the strength of the show is often measured in the strength of its supporting regular cast.  Scotty (James Doohan), Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), Sulu (George Takei) and Checkov (Walter Koenig) were often used as set dressing and had little to do.  But when they had something to do, they did it well and memorably.

Here are some facts about the actors that gave space for Shatner’s overacting:


Hulk Hogan is doing spin control after the release of a sex tape featuring him and his best friend’s wife, and naturally, he went on The Howard Stern Show to talk out his shame.

But in conversation with the Sternster, Hulk also talked about his successful movie career (Mr Nanny and Santa With Muscles had some kind of success), and the films he missed out on, and the films he’d like to be in. Let’s go to the videotape… After the jump. (more…)

There’s news, and then there’s not so news. It’s not the news fault, sometimes it’s just a matter of size. No matter how much this news worked the “motion in the ocean,” or tried those “How you use it,” moves . . . it’s just not satisfying. Nothing would be worse than leaving you, The Reader, unsatisfied. So NerdBastards, in it’s attempt to keep you, The Reader, as satisfied and sated as possible we have decided to overwhelm you with small tidbits of Superhero news. Wave after wave of small flicks of news, building into a crescendo of sweaty, satisfying news. I’ll meet you at the end of the post and we’ll can have a cuddle or maybe a smoke if that’s your thing.

Howard Stern Says Lex Luthor and Miss Teschmacher in ‘Superman’:

Howard Stern of all people is making the claim that Lindsey Lohan is reading for a role in Zack Snyder‘s Superman movie. Rumor has it she is up for the Miss Teschmacher role. I find it unlikely because Miss Teschmacher is only found in the first two Superman movies. She has never been a character in the comics and was created for the Richard Donner’s movies. Although it would be a nod to Donner I’d prefer that they use the Mercy Graves character instead of Miss Teschmacher. Graves was created for the animated series and made the cross over to comics soon after.

Via: Bleeding Cool



Shatner Stole Nimoys Bike


So George Takei isn’t lying. On Howard Stern for the past few years, George has always maintained with absolution that Bill Shatner is a total dick. Now, we have some old footage (not nearly as good as his Rocketman rendition) of Leonard Nimoy’s bike on several occasions being stolen at the hands of Shatner (Shatner!!!!) Hanging it from the rafters, and even putting it in his dressing room with Dobermans…So now we know. When Pee Wee had his bike stolen and the clown had the evil face paint on and laughed maniacally…It was SHATNER.


I rarely throw up posts like this. But this is in the realm of Nerdom that tugs on your heart strings by one of the cultures first sci fi icons on television. George Takei of Star Trek fame and more recently of Howard Stern Show fame has a special airing on Monday June 28 at 7pm on Howard 101 on Sirius Satellite Radio.

George Takei’s America is a story that took place 70 years ago, when George was 5 years old and lived in East LA. One day the military knocked on his door with Machine guns drawn and took his entire family away to live in a horse stall for 3 months, and then an interment camp during WW2. Japanese Americans were held prisoner until after the war and George revisits those places. Takei takes us to the house in East Los Angeles, where the Takei family first surrendered, then showing us the horse stalls at Santa Anita Racetrack near Los Angeles, where George’s family was forced to live under armed guard for several weeks, before being shipped off to prison camps in Arkansas and Northern California. But it’s how George Takei’s family survived this unspeakable injustice, ultimately taking this American tragedy and turning into the American dream, that makes George Takei’s America… George Takei’s America the Beautiful.

The commercials for this were enough to get you choked up. George Takei like you’ve never heard him before. It sounds like the first intense showcase Sirius has ever held.

As a fan of anything George Takei I will be listening.

Brothers…Read Review, Skip Film

Brothers. Or, “When Great Movie Premises Go Horribly Wrong”. This movie is a tour de force for 3 of the powerhouse actors in the film, supposing to show that, yes, they can actually act and nothing more. So goes the story of “Brothers”. (more…)

Talk about eye candy. This was on the news today and if I’m correct my sources are either insane, or brilliant:

A team of specialists at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine announced Wednesday that they are the first surgeons in the United States to restore a person’s sight by using a tooth. The procedure is formally called modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis (or MOOKP).

Sharron “Kay” Thornton, 60, went blind nine years ago from a rare disorder called Stevens-Johnson syndrome. The disorder left the surface of her eyes so severely scarred she was legally blind. But doctors determined the inside of her eyes were still functional enough that she might one day see with the help of MOOKB.

They think that soon they can cure, balls out blindness, and thats pretty insane. Apparently from what I hear they take a tooth and drill straight through it, then apply a repaired or prosthetic lens to it. They say that a tooth from the host is less likely to be rejected than donated eyes.

Fucked up, huh? In a good way.

I don’t know how this got by my radar. But I have marked the FUCK OUT on this movie.

What would happen if Vampires in the future either drained or converted ALL the humans in world? The society of Vamps would then be lacking one essential ingredient in their luxurious lifestyles….you guessed it. Human Blood. So as the human “Harvest” dries up and existence is bleak….watch the trailer and find out where salvation lies.

One of the most innovative and unique ideas to roll out in awhile that made me say “OH! That’s so fucken good it shoulda been mine….” Bloody with envy.

You should know as a disclaimer that I am a Howard Stern NerdBastard, and this is for all you who are like me, lovers, quoters, and diehards.

            So, I’m married. Simple. My wife is literally your prototypical woman. No insult intended but she is a pretty normal and regular girl. I don’t ask for much and we have a pretty amicable thing going on…But where does that go, and more importantly, why? (more…)

Ted Kennedy Dies at Age 77

One of the most influential men in voice imitation has died. The long time Mass senator and last surviving brother to JFK died in his home on Cape Cod. His struggle with brain cancer finally taking his life just weeks after his sister…These Kennedy’s can never die normally! Howard Stern, while on vacation, I’m sure will be very sad and mournful. Spending several hours, often in a row, just imitating Ted Kennedy…Sir, we speak your names.