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Welcome, gourmands, to the final Hannibal review of 2014.

For such an important episode, my analysis of director David Slade’s “Mizumono” will actually be relatively brief (Message from Future James: No, it won’t). Not that there isn’t as much to say about it, but it’s a remarkably streamlined and straightforward episode with little in the way of subplots or other extraneous content.  (more…)


The penultimate installment of Hannibal, Season 2: “Tome-wan”, is one of the best eps of the show’s sophomore year. Many disparate and vague elements of the season begin to come into focus, and the sometimes conflicting, sometimes complimentary designs of two of the Crime Drama genre’s greatest minds: Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), and Special Investigator Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), have nearly achieved fruition. (more…)


Ever since Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) was exonerated and released from the asylum, and Dr. Frederick Chilton was successfully implicated in the “Chesapeake Ripper” murders (and then shot), the following episodes have all begged the same question:

“Where are they going with this?”

Is Will truly going over to the “Dark Side” (pardon my phrasing)? If it IS all a trap for Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen), does he see it? And IF he sees it, why is he allowing it?

Director Vincenzo Natali‘s “Naka-Choko” brings us no closer to the answers to any of these questions, and as a follow-up to the events of Michael Rymer‘s far superior “Shiizakana”, it’s a bit weak. Fortunately, the return of the fabulous Freddie Lounds (Lara Jean Chorostecki) and the introduction of a Thomas Harris character we’ve been eagerly awaiting redeem the episode–somewhat, anyway. (more…)

Hannibal - Season 2

I collect church collapses. Did you see the one in Sicily recently? The facade fell on 65 grandmothers at a special Mass.

Was that evil? Was that God? If He’s up there, He just loves it.

Typhoid and swans–it all comes from the same place.

–Hannibal Lecter

Last week’s “Su-zakana” was easily the weakest episode of Season Two. So it would not have taken a Herculean effort to top it this week, and indeed they did: “Shiizakana”, another episode from my boy director Michael Rymer of Battlestar Galactica fame, easily renewed my faith in the series.

Rymer took the few good elements of  “Su-zakana” and extrapolated on them in a richer, more satisfying manner–and introduced the most fascinating “Killer Of The Week” since the Mushroom Killer way back in episode two of the first season.  (more…)


MARGOT: They think I’m weird.

HANNIBAL: I’m much weirder than you will ever be. It’s fine to be weird.

I suppose no show can bat 1000 every episode for an entire season: I guess there’s kind of a need for “throwaway”, filler episodes that won’t totally throw the viewer off if they miss.

Thus we have “Su-Zakana”, courtesy of director Vincenzo Natali, best known for helming the teen werewolf flick Ginger Snaps. ‘”Su-zakana” isn’t bad, really–it’s just kinda unnecessary. (more…)

“If I am the Ripper and you kill me, who will answer your questions? 
Don’t you want to know how this ends?” –Hannibal Lecter

Last night’s episode of Hannibal might well be the best of the season: Director Michael Rymer  (easily my favorite director on the show) took the engaging, yet at times overly complex framework of the previous episode–Futamono–and crafted an elegant, ingenious payoff….



Hannibal - Season 2

 When last we left Hannibal ‘n Pals, poor Beverly Katz (Hetienne Park) was sliced up by the Ripper, opening the door for non-canon character death, and throwing a monkeywrench into the expectations of Thomas Harris fans like myself. And the good Doctor (Mads Mikkelsen) was nearly exsanguinated by an orderly from the Chesapeake Hospital for the Criminally Insane at the behest of Will Graham (Hugh Dancy).

Tim Hunter‘s “Futamono” finds Hannibal oddly contemplative and plagued by nightmares from his attack–nightmares he attempts to exorcise by composing a piece on his trusty harpsichord (above). AND by sharing his anxieties with Dr. Alana Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas). Last week’s teaser gave us a look at just how far that “sharing” progressed–but one thing at a time.



GIDEON: He’s the Devil, Mr. Graham. He’s smoke. You can’t “catch” the Ripper–he won’t be caught…if you want him, you’re going to have to kill him.

GRAHAM: Fair enough.


In all seriousness–if you haven’t seen this episode, but plan to in the near future (on the web, on TiVo, on OnDemand, etc…), I STRONGLY suggest you postpone reading this review until after you do.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…