This year marks the 60th anniversary of MAD Magazine and editor John Ficarra took a moment to talk to us about Totally MAD, the longevity of a MAD sense of humor and the right artwork to use for wrapping fish.

I’ve heard about this [60th Anniversary book that Ficarra was holding) and I’m excited to take a look at it. Sixty years – can you give me a quick overview of the book?

John Ficarra: We had no plans to do this but Time Home Entertainment came to us and said, “Would you like to do the book for your 60th?” and we said “That’d be great!” I didn’t realize what a heartbreak this book would be. MAD has done over 26 thousand pages of material. This book is 256 pages. So, I had to leave out a ton of great stuff. In fact, I wrote in the back – I wrote an afterword where I spoke about that. And this book, I tried to represent MAD on a lot of different levels. I tried to represent all of the talent that’s been at MAD – going back to Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder to the current staff of Drew Friedman and people like that. I tried to make it a pop culture store – so you could see in every decade what the popular movies were, what the popular TV shows, what the language was like, what the fashion was like. And then I also tried to do it from a political point of view, because MAD does a lot of politics. So, you can pretty much take an American history course – albeit through a funhouse mirror – an American history course if you buy the book.

The other great thing about the book is it’s relatively inexpensive and in the back there are what we call “The Soul of MAD” – prints of 12 of our classic covers that Bill Gaines and I picked out years ago, including the very first Alfred E. Newman and some of the others like Alfred as the Scarecrow and things like that. So, they’re suitable for framing – or wrapping fish, as we like say.

The other thing the book has is, if you go through it, it has every cover we’ve ever done running along the bottom. And the stock is just wonderful. It’s really a great paper so it showcases the art terrifically – much more so than the toilet paper we printed on for so many years. And it’s slightly oversized, so the book is bigger than a MAD page, so you get to see the art even better.

And the last thing is, I hired Frank Jacobs to write a series of essays about the questions we’re most asked: Who is Alfred E. Newman? Have you ever been sued? The MAD trips? Who was Bill Gaines? What is MAD like after Bill Gaines died? So, he wrote terrific essays, he dug up some old photos that many people haven’t seen to accompany the essays – so there’s a lot in the book and you can preorder it now at



Ten Geeks/Nerds We all Love to Hate


Nerd culture has come a long way in the last 20 years. Out of our parents basements and into the main stream of movies, music, and fashion. Hating on a nerd just because they like Scifi, computers, or comic books has seen a rapid decline, but we all know that there are still some nerds out there that deserve the ill feelings they generate through their own behavior.

You know who I’m talking about. You avoid them at the book store, you keep your head down while passing their desk at work. You know that to make eye contact is to invite that nerd to interact with you in that manner that just grinds your gears.

Click through the jump and find out what ten nerd types really grind our Nerdbastard gears


The Empire Farts Back! (A Fart Video with Farting)

Check out this image which is relevant to nothing.

Check out this image which is relevant to nothing.

When it comes to farting there are two types of people in this world. Type 1: Find farts to be crude, rude, immature, and sophomoric, an insult to common decency. Those people suck. Type 2: (a.k.a the rest of us) find the veritable sounds of air escaping from ones anus to be freaking hilarious. On the other hand, if you think of farts as aerosolized feces, they aren’t so funny.

So, here we are. Our friends from OneMinuteGalactica have gone and farted up Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.. and it has indeed brightened an otherwise lousy day. I am not proud of myself for liking this video, but honestly it is perhaps the best fart bid I’ve ever seen period. Call me immature, but hearing Yoda rip a few (about a 1:30 in) followed by a “hehe! mmm powerful” had me ROFLMFAO.

Only question now is…Will there be a “Return of the Fart?” God I hope so. Oh, what about the prequels? “Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Fart”, “Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Farts” and “Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Fart”. George Lucas, there’s a DVD re-release you can take to the bank.


When it comes to DC superheroes, Batman is the best (sorry, just don’t like Superman) and in the wonderful world of internet, we have seen the Dark Knight go up against many enemies, such as a shark and Darth Vader.

The always funny folks over at CollegeHumor created a bunch of comic book covers that features Batman squaring off with many internet beings and memes, such as trolls and the courage wolf.

So click the jump button to check out more of these awesome comic book book covers and start wondering how Batman would beat these worthy internet foes.

Via CollegeHumor



Have any of y’all made a New Year’s resolution for 2011? Do they happen to be video game themed resolutions? I got a couple that involves me whoring more trophies than I usually do so that I can show off a bigger e-penis to whoever wants to look at it (please look at it).

The always funny folks at Dorkly set us up with seven known video game characters and their New Year’s resolution. From the Master Chief pictured above to Solid Snake, as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and the silent Gordon Freeman, each character’s resolution fits well and bound to make you laugh (or at least chuckle).

So click the jump button to check the funny resolutions out and see if any of them will inspire you to make your own New Year’s resolution. Who know’s, maybe the one that has something to do with a bird that’s angry all the time will encourage you to have less nerd rage for the new year.

Source: Dorkly



Oh GameStop employee, how we love to hate you! While there are a few good GameStop workers (yes folks, it’s possible), most of them are just there to make money thinking their job was going to be awesome. The fine folks over at CollegeHumor have released another one of their “Employee Manuals…Probably,” in which this one is all about being a video game store clerk. There are four parts to being that “lovable” a$$hole and all four are viewable after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Source: CollegeHumor



It’s impossible to become a badass babe. If your a femme fatal, you come out of the womb with a gun in one hand and sword in the other. You naturally exude a combination of toughness, self-reliance, vulnerability, and sexiness. A badass babe doesn’t follow any rules. They will maim and blow up everything that gets and in their way and do it while wearing the least amount of clothing as possible.

Movies and television are chock full of these badasses and here are the top 10 bitches you don’t want to fuck with.


Screen shot 2010-04-26 at 8.32.46 AM

In the 3rd edition of “Iron Man Invades a Classic Girl Movie” youtube user reubenpac takes the Iron Man model and edits into the drawing scene from Titanic. As with the two previous installments ACDC blasts over the erotic scene and makes it bad-ass. So, I repeat Titanic+Leonardo Dicaprio+Iron Man+ACDC= Awesome hilarousnous.

Top 5 Villainous Foods


When I say villainous foods I’m not talking about the tub of cookie dough or that meat lovers pizza your fat ass can’t resist eating. I’m referring to 5 badass, baddies that just happen to be made out of food. Why only 5? Well, because there are only 5 worth mentioning. Sure I could probably add some lame, one shot bad guy from Power Rangers but that’s just stupid. Nobody likes Power Rangers, unless of course your 5 years old or perhaps a little slow in the head. Anyway, lets jump right in and take a look at the best of the best, yummy foodies that would totally kill you.