Comic book creator Rob Liefeld gets a bad rap, some of it undeserved, but most fairly accurate. Of course, one of those things that makes him so misunderstood is an incredible sense of arrogance and self-aggrandizement, which is evidence at once by the fact that he’s not just working on movies based on his characters, but he’s working on a movie about his own life in the comic industry.

Sure, you may be saying, but people write about their own lives and times with incredible consistency, but there’s no money in writing a book until you sell it. Instead, Liefeld’s proposing that some studio or investor somewhere give him money to make a movie about himself. Now that’s the kind of hubris you can take to the bank. (more…)

Star Wars Now In Iconoscope Vision


Wayne Dorrington put together this Iconoscope (You have to love the little touches) masterpiece retelling Star Wars: A New Hope in icons.

I loved it until the end.  The end where a Wookie can’t catch a break or get a medal because no one in the vastness of the Star Wars galaxy has come up with a “space step stool” so that short little princess that doesn’t believe in under garments can put a medal around a Wookie’s neck.

Then I noticed that there was no Luke and Leia “Kiss for luck” before the swing.  That’s gotta be there.  It sparked a world of controversy and sent thousands of nerd boys to therapy.

I’m looking forward to the inevitable Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi Iconoscope productions.

What’s that you say?  What about the first three movies?  Dammit, do you know how much beer it takes to block those out of my mind?  I’m all out of beer after the Superbowl, so now I have to go bang my head against the door jam until I can’t remember those Star Wars prequel movies.

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