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Sequels are a thing. They’re popular, earn studios a lot of money, and the notion isn’t going away any time soon. The sooner you come to accept that, the less angry you’ll feel when all your favorite films soon find themselves part of a series, a franchise, or worse, some “shared universe.” I’m not saying your rage isn’t warranted, but if you come to terms with the inevitability of shoddy sequels you’ll likely be less stressed out and maybe live longer. We here at Nerd Bastards are just looking out for you, man. (more…)


It must be tough to develop a major movie like the proposed sequel to Independence Day (which is commonly known by the unconfirmed title ID Forever), especially if you aren’t 100 per cent sure that your original film’s star (and biggest name) is going to get off the fence and sign up to appear, or not. In Roland Emmerich‘s case the solution is clear, you write two scripts: one featuring Will Smith‘s character, and one that doesn’t. (more…)



Friday Night Lights, The Wire and Fruitvale Station star Michael B. Jordan is reportedly under consideration by director Roland Emmerich for a role in his Independence Day follow up: ID Forever, Part 1

The Wrap reports that the actor (who is also being eyed for the new Fantastic Four reboot, AND–allegedly–Star Wars Episode VII) met with Emmerich, who liked him very much. While nothing has yet to be said regarding who Jordan would play, it seems likely he’d take on the role of Dylan–stepson of Will Smith‘s Capt. Steven Hiller (who reportedly will not be returning for the sequels). Emmerich has previously suggested that Dylan would play a major role in the new films, which involve the aliens returning for some payback to an Earth that has been rebuilt with salvaged extraterrestrial technology.

ID Forever, Part 1 is scheduled for release in Summer 2015, though Emmerich has suggested it may get pushed back to 2016, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Independence Day‘s release.

Source: /Film

Producer of Independence Day, Roland Emmerich, made it known a while back that he hates 3D films.  He is just not a fan.

But now it turns out that Independence Day will be 3D-ified on July 3, 2013 for the big weekend in the US of A.  And Fox is planning to release the sequels in 3D, as well, although they’ll be shot in 2D and converted in post-production.

This is, of course, contingent on whether or not the sequels actually become a thing.  It’s rather iffy right now given that the producers are apparently in a “tough battle” between the studio and the actors.

Dean Devlin, the writer-producer of these upcoming projects, name-dropped them a while back.  The sequels will be called ID Forever: Part One and ID Forever: Part Two.  With names like that, they’ll definitely be super lovable films…

The thing that really hit me about the movie is how much love there is in it: between the characters; that the filmmakers had making it; that the cast had for each other. As we’re approaching a sequel we’re focusing on that aspect of it. Because I think that was really the key as to why it worked for everyone. It was loveable.

I guess we’ll just have to see.  Apparently loveable is the new exciting.

Source: Multiple sources via Bleeding Cool