After the shellacking Earth took in Independence Day, one would expect that if the aliens ever returned to Earth, they would bring even bigger guns which would in turn raise the stakes in both destruction and extinction. Although I didn’t think that the bar could be raised any higher than the extinction of the human race. I mean OK, they could kill us all, gather DNA and clone us all and destroy us again in an even more horrible manner than the first time, but isn’t that first time really enough? It looks like director Roland Emmerich is ready to go all out when it comes to global destruction. (more…)

It had been a while since we heard anything, I was thinking maybe they forgot… Maybe it was all just a crazy nightmare and it was never real to begin with. Then some blabbermouth went and told Vulture that the plan is set for not one, but two sequels to 1996’s Independence Day. Oh goodie, all those loose ends and unblown up landmarks from the first one can finally be addressed.

Word is that director Roland Emmerich and his writing partner Dean Devlin are putting the finishing touches on a pair of screenplays, with both movies being independent of each other but tying into the ID4 trilogy. As this nameless insider put it “They’re intended to be fulfilling movies onto themselves, you could see each separately and enjoy them, but they tell one big story.” Hold on there Mr. Anonymous McGee, ‘fulfilling’ and ‘enjoy’ are not the words that come to mind when I think of the first one, so Emmerich and Devlin better be writing the bejebus out of these.

Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is ‘why god, why are you letting this happen, can’t we have an earthquake or a hurricane instead?” – Oh fine, well that’s MY question, the real one being “will Will Smith be back?” The answer? Maybe, but if he’s not, the movies go ahead without him. The (former) Fresh Prince is asking for a $50 Million dollar payday to make the movies. Couple that with Emmerich’s own hefty price tag, Fox studios is having a small issue with what can be a massive budget. If they can’t or won’t pay Smith his blood money, the studio is prepared to make them without him.

Apparently Bill Pullman will return, makes sense. Saving the whole world from aliens probably really helps are president get re-elected.

Source: IGN