With current election cycle being what it is, Idiocracy is a movie that gets cited a lot, so it’s somewhat surprising that when the movie was released almost 10 years ago, it got barely any kind of theatrical release. Wish you could have seen it in a theatrical setting? Well shut up. Sit your monkey ass down. Chill out. And listen. Apparently, the cult film is in the works for a traveling roadshow style re-release sometime later this year. According to one of the stars of the film, director Mike Judge is considering a tour of the film complete with screenings and Q&As in case you need anymore convincing that we’re maybe two elections away from voting for a man named Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho. (more…)


And we’re back… from a slightly less lengthy break this time (we have to slowly ramp up your dosage or you’ll be overcome with sexual urges). Do you like robot love, comic book movies, Harrison Ford‘s body parts, Steven Seagal and Scooby Doo? Good for you, because we’re talking all about those things and more on RadioBastard!

Also, do you like details? You’re in luck! Here’s something close to that… sort of!

On the show this week, Jeremy and Jason discuss: (more…)