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Oh yeah! It’s playtime in the summer of ’89 all over again! If you were a kid at that time, then chances are that two comic book heroes took up most of your creative and recreational energy: Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well, I guess that’s five heroes, but you get the idea. In any event, these come book worlds are colliding again in an official capacity, as DC Comics and IDW Publishing have announced that they’re joining forces to bring you team-up of two of the biggest I.P.s to make the leap from comics to film and TV and merchandising. The Dark Knight will meet the Heroes on the Half-Shell, coming soon to the comic book, hobby store or newsstand near you. (more…)

IDW‘s Locke & Key is a wonderful series for any reader to dive headlong into, but its live action pilot left something to be desired. What’s that? You don’t remember a pilot? Us neither, but that hasn’t stopped Universal from eyeing the property for a feature film trilogy.

An ongoing series since 2008, Locke & Key is the brain child of writer Joe Hill and illustrator Gabriel Rodriguez . It deals with a different story arc every couple of issues. The first arc, Welcome to Lovecraft, was acquired by 20th Century Fox TV and produced by Dreamworks TV and K.O. Paper Products. Locke & Key was greenlit, filmed, and ready to air, but ended up being shopped around to other networks to no avail.

It’s here, the last new comics Wednesday of 2011. It’s year end and what a year it has been, we’ve seen a lot happen in the last 365, both on and off the pages. We’ve seen the requisite deaths and resurrections (welcome back Johnny Storm). The Ultimate version of Peter “Spiderman” Paker bit the dust as well, and was replaced with half-black and half-hispanic controversy named Miles Morales. Speaking of deaths, the 20 year run of Wizard Magazine ground to an unceremonious halt, alleged victim of the decline in print media sales. On the upswing, digital comic sales have started the march to becoming the norm. Love the idea or hate it, comics being sold and enjoyed on iPads and other tablets has seen steady growth and now that every major comic book publisher has a Day-and-Date digital initiative in place its now fact more than fad. DC comics flushed the last 25 years of continuity and relaunched their whole main line back at number one, including drawing to an end the 73 year run of Action Comics. Not to be outdone, Marvel ended and relaunched the Uncanny X-Men, a book had a 544 issue run.

All these events and happenings and many other thing led to one unified truth. People were talking about comics again. Be it the ‘bad press’ from the death and recast of Spiderman, the total reboot of DC’s New 52, and yes even Superman loosing his underoo-on-the-outside look, people were talking.

Sales numbers have increased, new and lapsed readers have been brought in, and from my perspective I’d say it’s been a good one for the much loved industry. On a personal note, I know that my monthly spending on comics has taken a huge increase and my enjoyment of the work many of these creators put out on a weekly basis is double that. I guess in short what I am trying to say is a big thanks to all involved in the comic book industry and I look forward to what you bring in 2012. I’d list you off one by one, but that would take awhile.

Now that the fluffy statements are done, we should dig into some books, right? One that I won’t be covering today, but you should really really pick up is the recalled and now finally released DC Comics Elseworlds 80-Page Giant. Originally recalled shortly after its release in 1999 due to ‘questionable content’ involving a baby Superman in a microwave (and really, thank you for protecting us from that. Lord knows had more people seen it we would have gone through endless orphaned alien superbabies being placed in various kitchen appliances, it would have been a nightmare.) A few thousand squeaked out back in ’99 and I was lucky a few years back to pay a sizable chunk of money for one, and now YOU can pick up for too, for a less sizable chunk of scratch. Clocking with a $7.99 price tag, you do get your moneys worth. Talents like Mark Waid, Chuck Dixon, Kyle Baker, my personal favorite Ty Templeton and many many more, DC Comics Elseworlds 80-Page Giant is well worth the money. A hefty handful of stories and more packed in its pages, it gives you the weirdest and funnest view of DC Comics that you’ve seen in a long long while.

Alright, let’s settle in on this weeks books. On the way (and slightly inspired by re-reading Mark Waid’s work above) I find a nice ‘in’ on a deeply storied work that I have been wanting to get into. The DCnU’s wild wild west (or east, since it is in Gotham) swings into its second arc. The Cape proves to be one of the (if not the) most intriguing read I’ve had in a while. Oh, and Deadpool too.

Ready? Then lets begin.


Here is the deal. I was a lapsed comic book reader, as I am sure many of you still are. Sure I picked up the odd trade here and there, I would go into my local comic stores, pick up an issue or two. Kept myself up on what was going on. Couple years back, the addiction slowly retook itself. I now find myself back to waiting for each and every Wednesday to hop on down to the den of nerdery and dole out my misbegotten gains (cash money that is) on a stack of comics that a proceed to devour over the course of an afternoon and into the evening. Sure I have the ones I buy from month to month, but I am always on the look out for something new to add to the stack.

Welcome to “Attack of the New Comics Wednesday” – A brand spanky new feature here on, each Wednesday I’ll grab a few of this weeks books and share them with you, together we might find something wonderful an magical (… what the crap did I just type.) They are comics people, I enjoy them, you enjoy them, let’s enjoy them together (… that wasn’t much better).

So, to start us all off, this week I’ve grabbed a “New 52” number 2. Two odd ball comics that are fun little reads, and a big name number one that is a steaming pile of number 2.

Of course, there will be spoilers, so hit the jump and lets jump in:


We might get something good out of Nickelodeon’s plan for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series after all.

IDW Publishing (Home of 30 Days of Night, along with comics adaptations of Transformers, GI Joe, Doctor Who and Star Trek) announced Friday that they’re rolling out a brand new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic series.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of Turtles,” said Greg Goldstein, chief operating officer for IDW. “This is one of the most successful comic book franchises ever, and we look forward to exploring new territory with our ongoing series, as well as reliving all the classic adventures.”

No creative team has been named yet, but any chance Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael and Michelangelo have to return to the format where they were born is something to be encouraged, particularly when the only alternative is a CGI TV show from the people who were stupid enough to cancel Invader Zim.

Granted, Nickelodeon is partnering with IDW for this comic, but with the right writers and artists, and guidance from the Comics Gods, we just might get something good out of this. But even if we don’t, IDW announced in the same press release that the series launch will coincide with the release of remastered reprints of the original 1980s TMNT comics by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the creators of the Heroes in a Half-Shell.

IDW will release their new comics (as well as those reprints) sometime this summer. Keep your fingers crossed.