It’s safe to say the superhero movie season for 2012 is upon us. Yes, we kicked it all off with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. (hey, nowhere to go but up, right?) It’s probably time we checked in how the long list of cape and tights movies are coming along. It’s time for a Superhero Round-Up

Guess what, The Avengers is only is only 65 sleeps away! Yes, that means we are going a little heavy this week on Joss Whedon‘s Iron Man and friends movie, including a classy recut of the trailer, some clips of dialogue and even a huge spoiler of a reveal on who the big bad not Skrull alien army is. Speaking of dialogue, even though Man of Steel is part of next years rush of superhero movies, Michael Shannon (the new General Zod) has gave us a hint of the many Zodly things he will say.

Oh yeah, as for Ghost Rider, well, someone thought it was good enough to snatch up the TV airing rights for it quick with a pile of other movies.

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Review: ‘Immortals’

Allow me summarize this move in three letters.


Since the first whispers of this movie began hitting the net, the marketing, of which a substantial part of the movies budget went to, has tried to cram down our throats the fact that this abortion of Greek mythology comes from the same producer that brought us 300, Mark Canton. For those of you not familiar with Mr. Canton, this is the same man responsible for producing the atrocities that were Red Planet and Godsend. If these names fail to illicit any memories then consider yourself a member of the lucky few that were spared. Sure, 300 was awesome, but you take enough shots in the dark and eventually you’re bound to hit something. Just in case you missed how much they really want you to know it comes from the same producer, you can listen to any trailer or simply check above the title where this little gem of information is prominently displayed.

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Mickey Rourke recently shared some choice words towards Marvel Studios’ regarding their “interference”over the course of shooting Iron Man 2. Now normally after you trash a company you let bygones be bygones. Bitch please, this is Mickey Rourke, his crazy ass wants you dead. Rourke was once again back on the war path, practically spitting in the face of Marvel.

During his recent interview with io9 to promote the upcoming Immortals, in which he plays the villain King Hyperion, Mickey may have permanently severed all ties marvel. At least he puts the last nail in the coffin with his own hand- and his foot in his mouth.

io9: So a lot of it is finding the right director who you feel comfortable with?

Rourke: I try to find the right director who won’t compromise his or anyone else’s integrity, and yet be political enough to give the studio what they want yet put up a fight to maintain that integrity. So we’re not watching some science fiction [frick]ing wham bam thank you ma’am Marvel piece of crap.

Eh, I’m slightly more interested Immortals now that it’s Rourke approved.

Via: Comic Book Movie

This NerdBastard has been on the fence about seeing Tarsem Singh’s Immortals this weekend. This clip might just have pushed me into spending the 30 bucks to see the movie.

30 bucks?!?!


Ticket – 10 bucks,

Popcorn – 8 bucks,

Large Coke Zero – 8 bucks,

throw in taxes and there it is.

And people wonder why I get mad when others talk in the movie or blind me with their “bright as the sun” phones.


Now there is some choppiness in the clip, not sure if that is intentional or just a product of the video transfer.

Only yesterday we showed you the sneak peak of Tarsem Singh‘s Immortals from E! News. Today we’ve got the whole trailer and it looks impressive. The amazing visuals Singh’s employing look epic and vast. The image above? It’s some battle taking place high in the heavens, I think. Regardless, it looks incredible. Key word here being ‘looks’.

Immortals seems very, very similar to Clash of the Titans, and I don’t mean it in a good way. The first trailers for Clash were great looking but when it came to the film, snooze. I’m hoping Immortals backs up it’s pretty scenery and jaw-dropping action with a good, sensible storyline. I hate saying this but when a trailer relies so heavily on what we’ll be looking at and not the story they’re telling, I become skeptical. It’s hard to find the perfect blend of visually driven, feast-for-the-eyes films with a gripping storyline. Often we don’t get both. Granted, it’s really hard to tell the quality of Immortals from a single trailer which is why I’m hoping over the months we learn more about this world they’re presenting so beautifully.

Hey, not matter what, you can get a real good look at future Superman, Henry Cavill. Shirtless, ladies. Not that you couldn’t have seen him a plenty in The Tudors, but whatever.

You can watch the trailer below and judge for yourself, is this going to be a must see feature when it’s released November 11th? Oooh, aren’t they clever, nabbing the 11-11-11 release date.

source: /Film