Independence Day Resurgence

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The long awaited sequel to Independence Day was one of those “I’ll believe when I see it” movies. It’s been talked about for so long, only to pop up when someone asked director Roland Emmerich about it in the midst of making other movies, that it seemed doubtful that the next wave of space invaders would ever arrive. And now, 20 years later, the moment is here. Independence Day: Resurgence fits beautifully in the trend of “re-quels”, a simultaneous sequel and rebooting to turn a franchise that’s stalled out into a comeback success. Sadly though, Independence Day is too in love with its own mythology to make any bold departures from it. (more…)


The 1990’s were a wonderful time.  The music was some of the best, America had the grooviest president in the White House since, well, ever, and movie fans had some of the best science fiction that Hollywood has ever offered.  Among those sci-fi offerings, 1996 brought Roland Emmerich’s classic, Independence Day.  A big budget affair that somehow managed to find the perfect balance between action and emotion, ID4 has been ripe for a sequel almost since the end credits finished rolling.  20 years later, those that have been waiting to continue the story that ID4 started are finally getting their wish and if the new trailer for the sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence is any indication, it has been worth the wait. (more…)


In the first Independence Day, director Roland Emmerich blew up the White House, the Capital, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Grand Canyon. It took 20 years, but Emmerich finally knew what he wanted to do for an encore. We won’t spoil it, you can see it for yourself below, but if there’s a movie that pretty much demands inclusion in the Super Bowl menagerie of movie ads, it’s Independence Day: Resurgence. Don’t let the “Star-Spangled Banner” recital fool you, it’s time for some patriotic destruction of property as we count down to late June when the irony-aware aliens and their giant spaceships return for round two. (more…)

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A few days ago, Nerd Bastards posted our picks for the Top 10 non-comic book, 100 per cent original nerdy films on the docket for the year 2016. But we know that these days it’s all about the franchises, so today we’re checking out the Top 10 highly anticipated sequels, reboots, and comic book movies coming up in the next 12 months. From aliens to ghosts, good guys teaming up and bad guys teaming up, supreme sorcerers and mercs with a mouth, wars, rogues and fish, here is the brand name cinema that you should be marking your calendars for in 2016. (more…)


Long seen as the “Bill Murray” of the Independence Day sequel, the filmmakers eventually had to decide to proceed without bringing back Will Smith for more alien fighting. It surely must have been a surprise for both director Roland Emmerich and Smith himself that they couldn’t get back together for part 2. After all, Independence Day was the film that firmly established Smith as a box office magnate, and earned him the kick name “Mr. July” for his summer successes. But the show, as they say, must go on, and fans already know what the fate of Smith’s Independence Day character is so far as the upcoming sequel’s concerned. Smith also knows, and he has some very non-mixed feelings about it. (more…)


There’s an old saying about the sometimes impossibly long development process in Hollywood, a movie isn’t really in production until it delivers its first piece of official marketing. Actually, I made that up. But it’s been almost 20 years since Independence Day first hit theaters, and after numerous fits and starts over the years, when it comes to expectations for a sequel, we have to see it to believe it. Well, now you can see it. Above and below. In a late night release, 20th Century Fox is dropping its first pieces of art work for Independence Day 2, or make that Independence Day Resurgence. (more…)