Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiding The Lost Ark – A Filmumentary

Jamie Benning’s Raiders of the Lost Ark documentary Raiding the Lost Ark is just the medicine needed to get through a damp Thursday. I love these kind of documentaries; the little stories that make the movie that much more interesting to watch again. The mix of movie clips, actor and director commentaries, and shots of the actual filming is fascinating when edited together as well as these are.  

This is only a test copy of part one, so we have lots more to look forward to. This reminds me of the Planet of the Apes Documentary Behind Planet of the Apes 1998. If you haven’t seen it yet I HIGHLY recommend it to any Planet of the Apes fan.

After watching this short, my hopes are going to be pretty high for the finished product of Raiding the Lost Ark.

The Vemio description: 

Raiding the Lost Ark is an in-depth insight into the making of the 1981 collaboration between Spielberg and Lucas. This fan made Filmumentary contains behind the scenes video, rare interviews with cast and crew, reconstructed deleted scenes and subtitled facts.

This is a preliminary version of part 1. It’s pre-QC and pre-audio mix.

Raiding the Lost Ark: A Filmumentary – Part 1 from jambe davdar on Vimeo.



I don’t pay attention to world news. I’m either uninterested, or it depresses me. Last time I paid attention 911 happened.. and that sucked! Anyway, I guess there is some shit going down in Egypt? Normally, I hear about country hootenanny by some drunk guy at my local watering whole, but today a member of the nerd community, who recognizes the peoples revolt going on in Egypt has stepped up to explain the situation to those of us who, like myself are culturally insensitive. Furrygirl has created an infographic using images from Raiders of the Lost Ark to try to explain what the deuce is going on. Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!