Indiana Jones

It’s been nearly a decade sine the last time we got to see Indiana Jones swinging through the jungle in 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but the wait for another installment is… well, it’s shorter now because the next film in the series has been greenlit for 2019! Not only will the franchise be returning, but so will director Stephen Spielberg and Indiana Jones himself, Harrison Ford.



It seems like such a simple idea, take a beloved franchise action hero with an aging star and transfer the series to animation. Fans still get to hear their hero while the action remains fast ans furious without killing said aging star. Sure animation is expensive, but live action at the Indiana Jones level is just as expensive or more. Enter artist and animator Patrick Schoenmaker and let the magic happen. (more…)

Growing up, Indiana Jones was a hero to many. Whether you saw one his of many adventures play out on the big screen or took time to watch it with the whole family when it was on television, Indiana Jones is a name synonymous with having a great time. Raiders Of The Lost Ark was the first adventure for a lot of fans, but it was The Temple Of Doom that really made Indy a household name. And then from there it was The Last Crusade that had jaws of children and adults dropping as he took a leap of faith in order to find the Holy Grail. While his time with aliens wasn’t quite the treasure fans were looking for, maybe this animated movie is. From the mind and drawings of Patrick Schoenmaker, comes a new telling of everyone’s favorite archaeologist.


Indiana Jones Struzan

Remember when Disney bought Lucasfilm a few years back? You probably do; after all, it has resulted in the massively successful relaunching of Star Wars, including The Force Awakens, Rebels, and the upcoming Rogue One. But Disney didn’t just acquire a galaxy far, far away when they bought Lucasfilm. They also acquired one much closer to home—a world of nazi punching, tomb raiding, pistol slinging, and whip cracking; a world where magic is real, adventure is alive, and anything worthwhile “belongs in a museum”. I mean, of course, Indiana Jones. Now it seems Disney is looking to continue the success they’ve had with Lucasfilm properties, and ‘Indy’ is up to bat.  (more…)


There was a time when Indiana Jones And The Temple of Doom was considered the least favorite of the Indy Jones movies. That was, until 2005 and the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull dethroned it and ushered a collective “ehhhh” from fans, What with a rope swinging Shia Lebough, CGI monkeys, an over the top cartoonish Russian Villain and an ending that gave the guy from Ancient Aliens an excuse to “Be in his Bunk” with a case of heavy breathing. Reflecting back, Temple of Doom holds up better than one might remember and perhaps might actually be better than its precursor Indiana Jones Raiders of The Lost Ark. As Sheldon’s girlfriend on Big Bang Theory once said: “Indiana Jones plays no role in the outcome of the story. If he weren’t in the film, it would turn out exactly the same”. At least in Temple of Doom, Indy’s actions actually lead to a positive outcome – saving a few hundred enslaved kids, returning some ancient glowing sacred rocks, and dropping the films lead bad guy into a pit of crocodiles. And as far adventure goes, it’s perhaps one of Indys most thrilling – a night club fight, a plane crash,  weird foreign cuisine (chilled Monkey brains anyone?), bug infested tombs of death, lava pits, voodoo dolls, and a thrilling mine car chase. All in a day’s work for our favorite Cambridge Archeologist.

All the excitement of Temple of Doom has led the high-end figurine company Sideshow Collectibles into making Indy into a relic worth collecting, in the form of this desirable 1/6th scale figure. Sideshow was courteous enough to send us one for review. Join us as we ascertain its quality and argue whether or not it needs to be in a museum (Short answer: It does!). (more…)


Back from the savage wastelands of the catocalypse Batman (Jeremy) and Tanner (Underoos) must journey to protect the sacred crystal skull of knowledge… So… They meet a new Indiana Jones? And a Janitor.. that, um… something about movies.

Look, it is a podcast and this week the guys run through the great hashtag fights of the 2016. Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman: Orphan Fight Club, and then round out the hour by (finally) endorsing a new Indiana Jones and fixing the plot problems of Terminator franchise and a couple other things. (more…)

harrison ellen

Harrison Ford is making the Talk show rounds for the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD/Blu-Ray and made an appearance on Ellen. While there the pair talked about a number of things which included that Indiana Jones 5 is in the works. When Ellen brought up the casting of a new Han Solo, Ford was quick to point out that it was a young Han Solo and not a new Han Solo. He also had some advice for those auditioning for the young Han Solo part. (more…)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 2008

There have been some mixed reactions regarding the recent news that Disney and Lucasfilms are reviving the Indiana Jones franchise that was previously presumed dead after the catastrophe that was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  While some are thrilled to have the chance for the franchise to be redeemed, others have their reservations.  Harrison Ford has been confirmed to star, and his age is, well, advanced.  How will they handle that?  He’ll be 77 when the Indiana Jones 5 hits theaters on July 19, 2019.  He might throw out his back cracking that whip!  There are also rumors that Chris Pratt is in talks to replace Ford and that he will be introduced in the upcoming film.  Those two strong characters could be too much for one movie.  If those concerns weren’t enough, add this one into the mix. (more…)


In 1982, three 11-year-old boys became completely obsessed with Raiders of the Lost Ark. The only way they could find to cope with their new all-consuming obsession was to make a doggedly faithful shot-for-shot remake of the film. Over the next seven years, they completed every single scene from the movie, except for one; the intimidating airplane set piece. After years of infighting and struggle and success, the trio walked away from the unfinished project after being at odds over a girl. Their real-life story is like something Steven Spielberg would have directed in the 80s. Naturally, somebody made a documentary about it and that documentary now has a distributor. (more…)

Disney Promises Indiana Jones 5 Will Happen


With the House of the Mouse gobbling up cash at the box office with Star Wars after their Lucasfilms acquisition. Many fans have been chomping at the bit with anticipation, hoping that we will see Indiana Jones in action one more time  on the big screen. And with rumors running rampant that maybe we will see Jurassic World’s Chris Pratt putting on the hat and whip, maybe it’s time to see just what the mouse has to say on the subject.