Charting the life of a time traveler can’t be easy. Especially when he’s prone to jumping to and fro throughout our world’s timeline as well as his own. For example, the Doctor, the 900+, mad-cap, genius time traveler in a blue box from BBC’s Doctor Who. Revitalized for a whole new generation in 2005 the series has already racked up a mind-boggingly amount of adventures in time and space. How are we supposed to keep track?

Ta-da, the internet and it’s constant need to have things visually explained comes to the rescue! We’ve found an infographic which makes sense of the Doctor’s convulated (recent) history. This graphic details adventures with his companions from his 9th, 10th and 11th incartnations. Could you imagine trying to map out his timeline for his entire existance as we know it?!

In the meantime, while we wait for the ultimate infographic of the Doctor’s life , check out this fantastic timeline from Nathanthenerd. Please note the key on the left, this map would be jibberish without it.

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I love the addition of River Song’s timeline, represented in the pink. It still hurts when I really try to wrap my mind around her and the Doctor’s relationship. Ow.

source: GeekTyrant


I don’t pay attention to world news. I’m either uninterested, or it depresses me. Last time I paid attention 911 happened.. and that sucked! Anyway, I guess there is some shit going down in Egypt? Normally, I hear about country hootenanny by some drunk guy at my local watering whole, but today a member of the nerd community, who recognizes the peoples revolt going on in Egypt has stepped up to explain the situation to those of us who, like myself are culturally insensitive. Furrygirl has created an infographic using images from Raiders of the Lost Ark to try to explain what the deuce is going on. Human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!