It’s fairly certain that if you’re like the majority of fans, or at least the ones that log their outrage online, then you did not enjoy the first Inhumans trailer released by Marvel Studios and ABC. So everybody was looking to San Diego Comic Con for them to make up the difference, and get everyone well and truly excited about the possibilities of the new series coming later this summer in IMAX theatres before its TV debut. So are you feeling, Inhuman?  (more…)

Since the announcement of Phase 3, we know that Marvel Studios has had Inhumans on the mind. They were going to get their own movie, and then they were introduced on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then the movie was yanked from the schedule and there were rumours that some powers at Marvel were more hot on the the Inhumans than others. Okay, so forget all that, because Marvel seemed to have a bolder idea in mind, an Inhumans TV show shot in IMAX and screened in IMAX theatres before the show’s TV debut. Will the gamble payoff? Perhaps there’s a hint in the trailer below.  (more…)

Marvel‘s new television series Inhumans now has an official premiere date and a nice new poster to celebrate. Inhumans will begin airing on ABC Friday September 29th at 9PM EST. If you feel you just can’t wait until then don’t worry, Marvel will be screening the first two episodes during an exclusive two week IMAX event begining September 1st. Both the pilot and second episode were shot with IMAX equipment to start off the Marvel royal series with a bang. Check out the new poster below. (more…)

You might as well call this “Marvel Week.”

First, we got our first look at the Royal Family for the upcoming ABC Inhumans TV show that will first hit theaters for the first two episodes (thanks to a sweet deal Marvel, ABC, and Imax) and then afterward appear nightly on ABC this fall. Then we got a teaser for the upcoming Runaways TV show, that will premiere on Hulu next year. Then, we got a trailer for the new Defenders TV show premiering this summer on Netflix. The sweet cherry on top, was the release of Guardians of the Galaxy in theaters this premiering today. We here at Nerdbastards LOVED it.

But Marvel’s not done yet!


Somewhere in space (the Moon), there is a society of humans that have been granted exceptional abilities thanks to some alien tinkering with their DNA and an all-powerful mist that activates those alien genes to give them super-powers. Inhumans have been around the TV section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a while thanks to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but that original version of the Inhumans, as realized by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in the pages of Fantastic Four 50 years ago, will finally be seen on screen this fall in the new ABC series, The InhumansHere’s a new poster.  (more…)

It seems like only yesterday we were getting a daily info dump about a new casting announcement for Inhumans, the Marvel Studios and ABC series based on the royal family of the super-powered alien-hybrid race. Actually, it was last week, and to prove how far along in the process the production is, it seems that we’ve got our first spy pic from the set. If you’re in Hawaii right now, be advised, there are Inhumans among you. Be on the look out for a tall man in black who doesn’t say much (anything) and his big dog with teleporting abilities. (more…)

Ken Leung, right now, may be one of the most recognizable actors within the geek realm of Hollywood. He hasn’t been a leading guy and he hasn’t been much of a supporting character, but if you saw him, you’d recognize him as that guy who was in that movie. In all likelihood, the last time you saw his face in a recognizable role was in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. He played one of the generals in the situation room during the scene where everyone was discussing how to destroy the new Death Star. More specifically he was that Asian guy. However, after years of being “that guy,” the time has come to step into a more leading role because he’s been cast as Karnak in the new Inhumans series on ABC.


Another day, another Inhumans casting announcement. Following up on yesterday’s news that Anson Mount has been cast as Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, we have found out who will play his queen. Serinda Swan has been cast as Medusa, an Inhuman whose ability is prehensile hair, which means that she can use her hair to grab and pull like other appendages, specifically hands and fingers. This is an important role to fill on the ABC series because not only is Medusa the Queen of the Inhumans, and the wife of Black Bolt, she’s also an object of obsession for the series’ main antagonist, Black Bolt’s mad brother Maximus. (more…)

It was a bit of a drag when Marvel removed their Inhumans movie from their Phase Three slot. However, we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family would instead show up on the small screen later on this year. First premiering the first two episodes on Imax screen in a limited release, the show would then be broadcast on ABC this September. Filming is scheduled to begin next month in Hawaii. So far there have been a few casting announcements for a few roles including Arrow’s Elysia Rotaru to play Medusa as well as Owen Harn and Eliana Jones playing Gorgon and Crystal. Many wondered about who would play Maximus, Black Bolt’s brother, and the Loki to his Thor. Maximus has always been power hungry, and a great villain in the comic books. They just announced who will play Maximus, and the casting couldn’t be more perfect!


The Inhumans have been the subject of numerous Marvel Cinematic Universe discussions ever since their introduction on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Next there was speculation that they would be coming to the MCU via their own movie originally scheduled for 2018. However, not long after the announcement of a film, Marvel revised their schedule and removed the Inhumans from it all together. For a while, news about the Inhumans had come to a standstill until today when it was announced that an Inhumans television series will be coming to ABC with the first two episodes premiering exclusively in IMAX commercial theaters in 2017.  (more…)