inspector gadget


Doctor Claw makes his triumphant return to television and entertainment streaming devices on March 27th when Netflix premieres its new 26 episode Inspector Gadget series from DHX Media. Oh yeah, there’s also some scenes with that bumbling robotic detective and his meddlesome niece Penny. Don’t even get me started on that mangy mutt that is always screwing up Doctor Claw’s wonderful and carefully laid plans for world domination. There’s a new trailer out now that you can whet your appetite with and for a few precious moments return you to that yesteryear when all you had to do after a hard day of school was watch cartoons.  (more…)

If Cartoons Were Real


I pretty much watch cartoons and wrestling (yeah I’m 23 and it’s awesome watching stuff like that). The great thing about cartoons is that it’s just another format of story telling and is capable of doing things we can’t do in real life. However, we all have asked the question sometime in our life, and that question is “What if cartoon’s were real?” Well, the folks over at Smosh put together this video that answers the question. Ranging from South Park to Captain Planet, to Pokemon to Dragon Ball Z, we get to see many cartoons interpreted into real life. Check the video out if ya want some few laughs.

Source: BuzzFeed


Through the ages, there have been many nefarious characters that have tried to take over or destroy the world.  Hitler, Stalin, Cobra Commander, Shredder, Osama Bin Laden to name a few. None have proven to be more cunning and elusive than that of Doctor Claw. The true identity of Dr. Claw has remained a mystery, one that many scholars have puzzled over for years. Some say, that the truth about this conspiracy could very well unravel the very fabric of society.  Religions would crumble, government super powers would fall, financial markets would crash.  Blowing the wistle on what I know could easily make me the man that destroyed the world.  You, the readers of need to know the truth.  I can’t keep it to myself any longer.  This is not for the faint at heart what I have to tell you will shock you to the very core of your soul.  If you feel that you have the will to live after knowing the truth then read on…You have been warned!