As those of you in the Harry Potter fandom, or who own a computer, are probably quite aware: Author J.K. Rowling broke the internet about 10 days ago when she announced, in an interview conducted by Emma “Hermione Granger” Watson herself that she has regrets about pairing Hermione with Harry’s BFF, Ron Weasley.

Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, you can slow your roll: Here’s what Rowling actually said about the matter–in full context.  (more…)

If you’re a fan of video game reviews you’ve probably heard the name James Rolfe or his Internet persona the Angry Video Game Nerd. Based on an idea Rolfe came up with back in 2006, The Angry Video Game Nerd quickly became one the funniest series of videos on the internet reviewing terrible 8-bit games and forcing himself to play those games so we don’t have to.

The “Nerd” has done everything from reviewing the gaming systems of our youth to fighting the likes of Bug Bunny, Freddy Kruger and Nintendo‘s R.O.B the robot over the course of verbally shitting on the games based on those characters. There is one game however that has become the bane of the Angry Nerd’s existence and his most requested review to date: the Atari 2600‘s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. A game so bad that even the Angry Video Game Nerd refuses to play.

So in October of 2011, Rolfe started an IndieGoGo page asking for $75,000 to ,make a movie based on his character, the Angry Video Game Nerd, and the quest to find and review that elusively rare and terrible game. Over one year and $325,000 later, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie has become a reality.

As a reward for his fans patience, Rolfe recently held a live screening for The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie trailer at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, which is now available online to watch and enjoy after the jump.

With various movie stores around the country going under, Netlfix has managed to dominate the video rental market with its low prices, and streaming accessibility. It wasn’t free, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the best deal to legally get movies with its $9.99 a month subscription fee, that didn’t bust your budget. Sadly, the winds of change are blowing in Netflix’s sails, with changes in monthly subscriber fees that customers will not be happy about.

Netflix announced today that their  new prices will split DVD and streaming subscriptions into separate tiers. So start saying goodbye to a threesome bundle of  DVDs and unlimited streaming, ‘cause the new pricing plans will be split to $7.99 unlimited streaming each month (remaining unchanged since their last pricing change), and $7.99 for a new plan offering only DVDs, limited to only one out at a time. In order to get both plans, subscribers will now have to pay $15.98, and while this may sound reasonable it will feel like a kick to your coin purse that you’re not used to.

For new members, this new pricing plan will be effective immediately, but current subscribers won’t have changes on their plans until September 1, 2011. The company is still at the top of its game right now, even with the60% price jump, but its continued success from here on out will depend on the consumers ability to adapt to this change. If they don’t want to pay the new price they’re just going to have to find another way to watch movies, which hopefully aren’t illegal.

How do you feel about the increase? Will it make you find more suitable means of watching movies at home or is it just a speed bump?


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Nyan Cat Even Pisses Captain Kirk Off

By now you’ve seen the dreaded Nyan Cat, the latest in annoying Memes sweeping the Internet. A weird blend of a cat, pop-tart and Japanese pop. Nobody is immune to it’s level of annoyance, not even Captain James T. Kirk. Watch as the Captain and his merry lovers crew match wits with Nyan in a highly illogical encounter. Just another video of Kirk beating some poor pussy(cat), Roddenberry would be so proud.

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Oh GameStop employee, how we love to hate you! While there are a few good GameStop workers (yes folks, it’s possible), most of them are just there to make money thinking their job was going to be awesome. The fine folks over at CollegeHumor have released another one of their “Employee Manuals…Probably,” in which this one is all about being a video game store clerk. There are four parts to being that “lovable” a$$hole and all four are viewable after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

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Hikakin is a young Japanese male, whose occupation is listed as Human Beat Boxer and I have to say, he may be one of the best I have heard. Using both, his mouth and nose, he has performed a melody of Ken Vs. Dhalsim from Street Fighter II that is just amazing. He has also done his own beat box version of Tetris, Daft Punk, and Super Mario Bros. as well. Check the video out and also check out his YouTube page for more beat box vids. Now excuse me while I go off and imagine what would happen if both Hikakin and Michael Winslow were in the same room.

Source: Topless Robot, Hikakin’s YouTube page, Hikakin’s Blog (Japanese)


What ya see above is what if the internet named the Donnie Darko movie and you know what, it works since I have many friends who still has no idea what the movie is about (though, it took me twice). The fine folks over at CollegeHumor has come up and renamed nine movies with titles that pretty much explains the movie. From movies from the late 90’s to some recent films, check after the jump to see if you understand these internet titles of some known flicks.

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Batman – As A Goddamn Rave Dancer

Screen shot 2010-06-22 at 10.18.32 PM

Many people goes through great lengths to get attention and folks, this is one of them. Think about it, what are the chances in life, that we get to see the Dark Knight dancing like a fool with flashlight/glow sticks in the air? Let’s be honest, this ass wanted the attention and to make sure he gets the hits/views, he titled this clip as “The Green Hornet official trailer 2010.” I don’t know if he wanted to create a new internet meme by having people “Bat Rave’d,” but I’m sure some people will try to make it so.

Check the clip out since the dude does have some raving skills. Also, after watching this, can some one explain to me why does this Batman have Mickey Mouse like gloves… It just bothers me for some goddamn reason.

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Last Friday/Saturday was the celebration of Pac-Man’s 30th Anniversary (His Japanese debut) and Google celebrated in a most awesome way.  In what most figure would waste a lot of people’s time, well, it most certainly did. According to Rescue Time, it recorded that because of the playable Pac-Man logo, people wasted 4,819,352 hours on it. Now to translate that into money that was lost productivity wise, well, it will be $120, 484,800 (that is only assuming each person playing had a $25/hour wage).

One flaw I see in this is that more likely, probably a third or so people that played the Pac-Man game were people without a job. Also, I would like to know who is getting paid $25 an hour because I wasted time on the game and I’m just poor department manager that gets paid $8 an hour. Either way, this shows the power of the internet and that people does like to waste time on it, they just found another thing to blame stuff on for a while. Hell, once I live a full life, I may have wasted that many hours in all the nerdy stuff I would have done. That is of course, not adding all the porn I may have watch…which would probably be a scary number of hours.

Source: BBC News, Rescue Time Blog

From A To Z, The Geek Alphabet


In March, we posted an alphabet that was just pure epic and just last week, we had Wolverine teaching us the ABCs. Now, from the fine folks from Geeks are Sexy (yes, geeks can be sexy), we get there take on the alphabet. From Star Trek to technology to video games and to TV, this alphabet will surely have something to put a smile on your face. Check out the whole alphabet after the jump. Hey, at this rate, just have your kids come to our site to learn their ABCs and more likely their English will be WAYS better than my ESL ass. (more…)