invasion of the body snatchers

Some ideas are just too good to let happen once, like Hamlet or Spider-Man. In 1954, Jack Finney published a science fiction novel called The Body Snatchers, which was about a small town in California that is inundated by “space seeds” that take sleeping humans and replace them with a near exact duplicate. These duplicates are physically near perfect, but on the inside everything is wrong. The metaphor works on so many different levels, which is why Hollywood can never leave well enough alone, and again, The Body Snatchers is about to become a major motion picture again.  (more…)

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The cinematic landscape has been littered with remakes and reboots almost since the first moving pictures were shown commercially. But lately we have been getting new versions of classic pictures that are still very much in the public consciousness such as Total Recall (2012) and this year’s Point Break. That neither of these was either wanted or well received seems to be beyond the point. And the recent trend for basically effectively remaking an original film with some of the older characters still present also seems to also be gaining traction, although efforts such as Creed (Rocky all over again) and Star Wars: The Force Awakens (it’s the same story!) are at least excellent viewing.  (more…)

Kevin McCarthy: 1914-2010


Oh, <i>that</i> guy...

Oh, that guy...

One of my favorite genre actors, Kevin McCarthy, died Saturday at the age of 96.

He earned an Academy Award nomination for his performance as Biff Loman in the 1951 film version of Death of a Salesman, but to most nerds my age, he was that guy who seemed to have appeared in just about every damn movie we watched growing up, including the original Invasion of the Body Snatchers (and a cameo in the 1978 remake), Twilight Zone: The Movie, Innerspace, and UHF, among others.

Here’s to you, sir. You will be missed.

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