So Ridley Scott isn’t slowing down, and he’s now adding mentor to his list of hyphenates. Focus Features International and Scott Free London have reached a deal that will see Sir Ridley oversee a slate of at least six low-budget features of the “horror, thriller, and sci-fi” variety over three years.

For added cultural bonus, the films will be produced in association with Northern Ireland Screen Commission, a government agency that supports the creation of Irish film and TV shows. So the films being produced as part of this deal will also do their share of promoting the creativity of the Irish.

“Our target is to create a structure that enables filmmakers to push boundaries and to excite audiences,” said Scott in a press release. “Our proposed model of filmmaking allows us to give helmers the opportunity to really innovate through narrative, production techniques and distrib strategies.”

It’s a model that’s worked for other countries who have used low budget films, particularly horror films, to promote their own national film cultures on the international stage. Spain’s [REC] series of films are a primary example.

More news as it develops.

Source: /Film


Admittedly, I have a huge man-crush on actor Michael Fassbender. He charmed the shit out of me with his portrayal as Magneto in X-Men: First Class. He’s been consistently good in all his recent flicks too (The Dangerous Method, Shame). He’s a brilliant actor who’s got the “IT” factor, whatever “IT” is. So, now comes the question…would I like a shirtless Michael Fassbender? I’m comfortable enough with my sexuality to say that my eyes wouldn’t mind. What can I say, he’s a pretty man.

Where am I going with this? I don’t really know. I’m exercising poor homoerotic undertones as a set up for some super hero casting news. So let’s get on with it then, shall we? According to Screen Daily, Fassbender will be playing the character Sláine in a upcoming adaptation of the 200AD comic.

Sláine? 200AD?  What? Do you not not your Irish lore? *clears throat* The character of Sláine from the 2000AD comic was based in part on Conan The Barbarian, but drew his most direct influences from the Celtic hero of legend Cú Chulainn.

So, Fassbender will be playing him in a movie produced by his own McCool Films. Fassynating! Seriously, an Irish actor, playing an Irish character based on an Irish legend? Sounds good to me.

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