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Flash Feature

Reviewing every episode of The Flash’s freshman season is a unique opportunity.  Not only do I get to watch one of my favorite television shows and write about it, then call it “work”, but it forces me to remain completely objective about the quality of the series rather than just getting lazy and taking the ride.  For the most part, this objectivity leads me to find flaws in episodes that others may not notice or that they may just accept without a second thought.  For episodes that have several flaws, this objectivity can make my viewing experience less than completely enjoyable (I generally watch an episode twice – once as a critic, once as a fan), but for episodes like last night’s episode, The Flash is Born, watching the episode through the eyes of a critic really drives home the fact that The Flash is really one of the best shows on television right now and one of the best superhero series’ that we have ever been offered.  Warning – spoilers ahead. (more…)

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As the days tick by until The CW’s fall season and the emergence of The Flash as the next big television super hero, the marketing team is hard at work in their attempts to pique our interest in the show. The latest tidbit is yet another Flash featurette. Entitled ‘Friend Zone’, this one gives us a look at the trials and tribulations revolving around poor Barry Allen’s love life, particularly where it comes to Iris West, his long time friend. Scroll on to check it out. (more…)

CW’s ‘The Flash’ Has Found its Iris


The CW’s new Flash pilot has filled a very important part in the form of Barry Allen’s sometimes girlfriend, and maybe his future wife, Iris West. In an exclusive casting scoop, Deadline has revealed that actress Candice Patton will play Iris in the new small screen version of The Flash, which is expected to debut sometime later this year. (more…)