iron sky

Nazis from the Moon are now invading the United States. No! Wait! Don’t run to the bank, stock up on bottled water and hide in your basement, this is purely about a movie. Iron Sky, the infamous independent film about a colony of Nazis on the Dark Side of the Moon who return to invade the Earth, is finally coming to U.S. shores months after opening in Europe.

Currently, shows have been confirmed for San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago starting today, but sadly, if you’re just learning this, all shows are sold out except for the one in LA. Starting next month though, screenings will be spreading out across the country. Confirmed shows have been set up in Atlanta, Philadelphia, Michigan City, IN, and Seattle with screenings pending in about two dozen other cities. To see if it’s coming to a theatre near you, click here.

And if the movie’s not coming to a theater near you, don’t fret, and get any friends and family you might have in those cities with a screening scheduled to run out and buy tickets. The more popular these screenings are, the more the film will spread to other cities.

How about you Bastards? Excited to finally see Iron Sky?