After Daredevil set the tone for Marvel’s Netflix series, and now Jessica Jones is killing it in the MCU, rumors started to flow through the internet about what would happen with the next set of series leading up to the Heroes For Hire. Would we see Danny Rand, AKA Iron Fist get his own series or would he be a secondary character in Luke Cage’s series? But it seems that we now have our answer in the form of a showrunner. (more…)

Eric Thomas has decided to throw his hat into the Luke Cage casting ring. He joins a ever growing list of actors, fighters, and personalities wanting to snag the role. As far as pitches go this one has most of the others beat hands down for going all out. I am not too happy with the guns though. I don’t remember Luke using guns as much as I remember him just beating the crap out of everyone and everything that got in his way. One other thing. Why haven’t any of these guys teamed up and gotten someone that wants to play IronFist? Put a decent IronFist in the video below and you have gold as far as this NerdBastard is concerned.

Which of the three: Eric Thomas, Rampage Jackson, or Isaiah Mustafa do you like the best for the role of Luke Cage?

Via: GeeksareSexy

Eric Thomas Wilson as Luke Cage by 6souls