Ironing Man

Who Is the Real Iron Man?

You ever get the feeling that the other superheroes think Iron Man is kind of a douche? The folks at Funny or Die did, and they illustrated the point beautifully in their own “Iron Man 2,” in which the superheroes have their own Iron Man.

And I do have to concur with Wonder Woman about banana bread.

Iron Man 2 – watch more funny videos

Screw Iron Man, I Want Ironing Man!


Over the years, as people have been getting better with editing skills on the computer with numerous of programs, I have been improving my skills on MS Paint. Anyways, fans that has the time, money, and friends, have been making some awesome parody stuff and this one doesn’t disappoint. The folks at Figment Films took what was the easiest parody name for Iron Man and bust out something that is filled with all the action and drama from the first film.

Source: urlesque