it all ends

Open at the close.

So, it’s over. After seven books, eight movies, unbelievable amounts of merchandising and product tie-ins, what is probably one of the largest franchises of our lifetimes has come to a close. The midnight screenings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 alone pulled in a record breaking $43.5 million! Meaning this Harry Potter movie is well on it’s way to being the highest-grossing of the series. Critics loved it, fans loved it, even our Nerd Bastard’s review called it a, “true masterpiece, made with love and reverence and the gravity of the moment, and fans couldn’t ask for a better way to say goodbye.”

But what it really boils down to is, what did you think? Was it epic enough? Can is hold up as a film it it’s own right without Part 1? Were your favorite moments represented well? Was Ralph Fiennes one scary-ass mother fucker? Well, yeah, that goes without saying.

Share your thoughts in the comments and, obviously, spoilers ahead.

It’s just a bit over a week until the last Harry Potter movie is out in theaters! Even though it’s all drawing to a close, Warner Bros. isn’t done with its advertising efforts just yet. Which, as /film mentioned, seems rather unnecessary. It appears that WB knows that, too, since they haven’t even included the movie title on this new (and last?) set of posters; it’s assumed that everybody who’s anybody knows who these characters are. And it’s true.

Soon, guys, IT ALL ENDS.

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