Ever since the smash hit that was IT floated above expectations, every company with Stephen King properties has been itching to jump on the money train. King’s work has always been often adapted, commonly tossed about Hollywood, but the current surge’s quality and impact is impressive, overall. There are at least 28 or more Stephen King tales being considered, be it trapped development hell all the way up to upcoming productions. Today, we look over what the king of horror and prolific work might have in store for us, in theaters and on the small screen.  (more…)

Now not all clowns are creepy, but unless you’re Bozo or Ronald McDonald the scale tends to lean towards creepy. This new trailer for Stephen King‘s IT certainly isn’t helping as it takes the creepy clown to the next level, the truly horrifying level of Pennywise. Director Andrés Muschietti has delivered a trailer that should delight horror fans. Check it out below. (more…)

There’s been near-univeral praise for the trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen King’s It, from the atmosphere, to the kids, to the malevolence conveyed by the new Pennywise thanks to actor Bill Skarsgård. The trailer, while not setting any records, did get a lot of hits in its first few days on YouTube as its renown creepiness had to be seen to be believed, but not everyone was happy with It. Seriously, who would be mad at a horror movie about kids being preyed upon by a monster that takes the form of a creepy clown? How about actual clowns?  (more…)

The new trailer for the remake of It hit the internet last week, and it immediately set a tone for overall creepiness. Of course, clowns are inherently creepy, and that’s long been a popular opinion before last fall’s media sensation of the creepy clown phenomenon. In other words, making a clown scary is easy, but what about a beloved character from children’s literature? One creative YouTuber has done just that by recasting Pennywise the clown with the titular character of the Dr Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat. Okay, so it’s Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat, but still… (more…)

So what are you afraid of? If you said a creepy clown that lives in the sewers, then you might be ready for the upcoming big screen adaptation of It, based on the immensely popular 1986 novel by Stephen King. We’ve seen photos of Bill Skarsgård already as the malevolent entity that takes the form of a painted entertainer of children, but now we get to seem him in action, and it is terrifying. This trailer has got atmosphere to spare thanks to Mama director Andrés Muschietti, but will It be able to deliver the goods? Let’s follow our paper boat down the stream to the sewer drain and see… (more…)


Stephen King‘s 1986 horror novel, It has become an iconic figment of the horror genre, spanning literature, television and cinema. It has tapped into one of the west’s most common phobias with the shapeshifting antagonist taking the insidious and terrifying form of Pennywise the clown as it preys on the people of Derry, leaving a string of unsolved murders, disasters and abductions scattered throughout the small town’s history. The ability to shapeshift into anyone’s greatest fear and the supernatural ability to remain a mystery to the townsfolk have made It one of the most consistently voted scariest creatures in film and pop culture. (more…)


Back in July we got a first look at Bill Skarsgard in his Pennywise the clown makeup, now we’ve got a look at the full costume thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Emmy winning costume designer Janie Bryant (Deadwood, Madmen) has certainly delivered a costume and look that will get fans talking. Are you ready to revisit that clown that scared the crap out of you back in the day? (more…)


Warner Bros. has found their clown in Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) for the two-part remake of Stephen King‘s fantastically horrific It. Now some might be asking themselves what happened to Bill Poulter, wasn’t he in line to go white-face? When director Cary Fukunaga (Beasts of no Nation) left the production over creative differences last year, it looks like the new director Adres Muschietti (Mama) wanted his own stamp of approval for the role. (more…)

The New ‘It’ Movie Is Aiming for an R Rating

stephen-king-it-clown copy

It seems like babysitting is going to be a much more lucrative job in the near future. Ever since the Deadpool movie hit the jackpot with its R rating, the “PG-13=more money”mentality seems to be dying a slow and painful death. Now it seems like the studio suits are giving filmmakers some much-needed freedom when it comes to mature content. The upcoming Wolverine film is supposedly aiming for an R rating, and will hopefully give audiences an appropriately gory adaptation of such a brutal character. Moreover, there is another film is looking to be restricted to unaccompanied audiences under 17. This one in particular is an adaptation of a Stephen King story with one of the scariest clowns known to mankind.