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Anyone who scans the daily geek-news knows that Joss Whedon positively loves to talk about his projects.  As a consequence, people love to interview him and pretty much every word he speaks in the presence of another human being is recorded and placed within the vastness of the Internet.  Here’s a little more of what Whedon has to say about why Wonder Woman projects seem to be cursed, as well as his thoughts on possibly returning some already used characters to the S.H.I.E.L.D. television show.

When asked about the last incarnation of Wonder Woman (courtesy WB and David E. Kelley) and why it tanked:

I don’t think that was a match. I just don’t. I don’t think that he needs to write about superheroes. You need to need to write about superheroes to write about superheroes. If that’s not in your vernacular, you may bring something new and interesting to it, but at the end of the day, if you don’t have that burning desire to talk about these people who have these insane powers, then some other agenda is going to come forward and you might accidentally turn off the dark.

And when asked about whether Lizzy Kaplan and Jesse Bradford will make their way to the new S.H.I.E.L.D. production because of their appearance in Item 47, a short film slotted to be included on The Avengers Blu-ray:

I honestly do not think they are available because I think she is on another show. We’re building it with a new group of people. They were great and that had a lot to do with why we are making the show, but we are starting fresh.

So there you have it, the latest words of Joss Whedon.  Listen, worship, obey and, most importantly, watch his television shows!  Next week, Joss Whedon expresses him opinions on the viability of 1-ply vs. 2-ply toilet paper.


Read plenty more of Joss Whedon’s words over at craveonline and a special thanks to ComicBookMovie for bringing us the good news.

Marvel has successfully used short films to build continuity bridges between the different Marvel character franchise movies, linking Ironman, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk into one cohesive universe which culminated in The Avengers movie. These short films focused on and fleshed out the Agent Coulson character played by Clark Gregg, building his (rabid) fan base and establishing his important part in The Avengers on screen mythos.

The heir apparent to the short film focus is now Agent Jasper Sitwell played by actor Maximiliano Hernandez. Agent Sitwell will have some big shoes to fill in the after effects of The Avengers as he steps into fill the gap left by Agent Coulson’s passing. Item 47, which will be included in The Avengers Blue-ray/DVD release on September 25th, will be the first short film giving Agent Sitwell his chance to shine.

WhatCulture! had the chance to sit down with Maximiliano Hernandez and talk about the Agent Sitwell role in Item 47 and the future of the Sitwell character.

Hernandez describes Agent Sitwell:

“I play Agent Jasper Sitwell who in the comics was basically trained directly by Nick Fury. He’s a real comic book hero character created in the mid 60’s by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby; so it was kind of cool to play a character that really lives in the Marvel universe.”

“You know, he’s been around for 40-some-odd years and they gave me the shot to play his part, to sort of like, reinterpret the guy. And in the film world I’m paired up with Clarke Gregg’s character – Agent Coulson – I’m kind of like, his protégé. I guess now, because of what happened in Avengers, I’m stepping up to fill his shoes.”

“Yeah, we’re trying to assist the Superheroes. Which is nice; I like the idea that we’re sort of like the support team. You know like, we have no superpowers but we know as much about what’s going on and maybe sometimes a lot more than the Superheroes.”

On the topic of seeing Agent Sitwell in The Avengers 2:

“You know what, you very well could. Marvel is very good at keeping secrets, as you would imagine [laughs]. Well, they’re kind of good at it, ‘cause sometimes the odd detail leaks out. Like you’ll find something out online and you’ll be like “how the hell do people know that”. But they’re usually really good.”

“Like, I don’t know at all. I literally find out maybe like a month before I’m going to do something for them. I’ll get a phone call from Marvel and they’re like “hey, suit up, we’re sending you into battle”. But I’m pretty optimistic that, you know, I’m gonna get that phone call late in the year and it’s gonna be like “hey, get ready”. So… I’m excited.”

Let’s not forget the new ABC series S.H.I.E.L.D. under pre-production. There’s a better than average chance that Agent Sitwell will make some appearances on the show.

What do you think? Agent Sitwell can never replace Agent Coulson in our hearts but perhaps he can carry Agent Coulson’s legacy forward into the future.

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Soon movie/comic book nerds will get to relive the joy of this summers biggest movie in the comfort of their own homes, Marvel’s The Avengers hits DVD/Blu-Ray on September 25th. Marvel Studio’s head honcho, Kevin Feige, recently spoke to Moviehole about bringing Iron Man and friends into our living rooms.

We finished the big-screen release of The Avengers on the Tuesday and we started working on the Blu-ray on Wednesday. It was very immediate. There are a number of deleted scenes and a few storylines that fell by the wayside during the editing process for the big-screen release.

What deleted scenes you may ask? Feige reveals.

A few more scenes with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill, played by Cobie Smulders and some slightly different versions of Maria Hill and Nick Fury’s interaction with the World Security Council, which are great to watch – but there are a number of other fun scenes, too.

As for the now famous one-shots we’ve seen in previous home releases for the Marvel movie universe. This time out we have the mysteriously named Item 47 that Feige talks a little about.

At the end of The Avengers, the aliens leave behind a lot of guns and artifacts, as well as a lot of carnage. S.H.I.E.L.D. does their best job to collect all of the alien material so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands – but one gun is left behind. This gun falls into the wrong hands when it is found by a 20-something newlywed couple that decides to use it to their own ends. Agent Sitwell – who was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in Thor, The Avengers and the Marvel one-shot The Consultant – is the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in this film and it’s up to him to get the gun back. 

Now, how about that massive nerd boner inducing ten-disc, six-movie special edition “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled” collector’s set?

We have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas for the collector’s set. We’ve been talking about things like, “Oh, we’ve got to create a Marvel Master Timeline that showcases all of the events in all of the movies for the collector’s edition.” Well, that’s definitely in there. Also, I always love collector’s sets that look like a cool prop from a movie, which is why we decided to make the collector’s edition look like the silver case from our movies. It’s the silver case that Nick Fury shows Dr. Selvig at the very end of the Thor movie, after the end credits. It’s the same silver case that Nick Fury puts the Tesseract inside; that Loki ends up stealing at the beginning of The Avengers. It’s going to be great! We’re really excited about the collector’s edition. In fact, we can’t wait for everybody to see it.

Now, personally I usually hate the extra, unwieldy packaging that collectors editions come in. They never fit nicely on your shelf and can often be unsettlingly nerdy when seen by any ‘normals’ that come into your TV room. That being said, I am so picking up the 10 disc S.H.I.E.L.D. Tesseract case edition.

No worries about it taking up shelf space, that baby is getting handcuffed to my wrist as I run around playing Agent Coulson with the neighborhood kids.

Wait, what?

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Coming Soon has 7 new clips from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of The Avengers. Now, most of these you’ll remember from the movie, including the now infamous post credits scene featuring a certain villain. Clip number 7 though is from the new short “Item 47,” featuring Jesse Bradford and Lizzie Caplan as regular folk who find a very particular remnant of the alien invasion in The Avengers.

So let’s roll the videotape. Prepare to relive The Avengers experience!

The Avengers will be available on 2D Blu-ray Combo Pack, a 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on September 25th.

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The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray box set short film “Item 47” has a new clip out on the Internet. Starring Lizzy Caplan (Party Down) and Jesse Bradford (Flags of Our Fathers) as some wanna-be bank robbers that found an alien gun left in the rubble after the big Avengers fight.

The clip gives us some back and forth between the two as they prepare to rob a bank. A team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are assigned to track them down, with Titus Welliver (Lost) and Maximiliano Hernández (Thor) in pursuit to recover the lost alien blaster.

Check out the movie poster created for the short and the clip below:

Remember the carnage left behind by Loki, the Chitauri, and the Avengers left behind after their epic battle in New York during The Avengers? Well apparently the fine people responsible for cleaning up such things left something behind — a bad ass gun and a reason for Marvel to make a short film called Item 47 (that’s the poster above). The filmlet, which will screen secretly in San Diego during Comic Con on Friday night will also be included on the Avengers DVD.

Right now all we know about the plot is that’s the film’s stars Jesse Bradford (Bring it On) and Lizzie Caplan (Party Down) will find the space gun and go on a crime spree. Shield agents, led by Titus Welliver (Lost) will pursue them and try to stop the mayhem. No word yet on if the movie will lead into any future Marvel projects such as the already announced Guardians of the Galaxy movie or Iron Man 3, Captain America 2, Thor 2, Ant-Man, or Big Bertha: The Movie (what, you hadn’t heard that that was Marvel’s secret project?)

In San Diego and too impatient to wait until the DVD? Don’t we want a platter of everything fantastic you glutinous git? According to EW, the rules are simple providing you have nothing to do at Comic-Con on Friday:

Start by downloading the free Avengers Second Screen app from the iTunes store, which will provide a series of clues leading to a hunt Friday morning through San Diego. Follow the trail properly and it will lead to a screening that evening.

Source: EW


Marvel’s latest tradition, “one-shot” short films on their DVD releases, is getting a serious shot of ambition with the new film being released with Blu-ray edition of The Avengers this fall.

Following up on the shorts “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer” and “The Consultant,” which were released on the Blu-rays of Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger respectively, The Avengers disc will feature a new short called Item 47. At 12 minutes, it will be three-times longer than the previous shorts, and as opposed to the single-setting shorts starring the late-Agent Phil Coulson (played by his still living portrayer Clark Gregg), Item 47 will strive to show the greater effect of the events of The Avengers on the so-called average folk of the Marvel Film Universe.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Item 47 will follow a New York City couple played Lizzy Caplan (Cloverfield) and Jesse Bradford (Flags of Our Fathers), who discover one of the abandoned Chitauri weapons, and decide to go on a little crime spree. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents played by Maximiliano Hernández (returning from small parts in Thor and The Avengers) and  Titus Welliver (Lost) follow in hot pursuit.

Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito directed the film, and explains:

The world is topsy-turvy now. There’s been an alien invasion, and things are crazy. So when this gun ­literally fell into their lap, this is a sign: We’re going to rob a few banks, we’re going to buy a boat, we’re going to the Caribbean, and all our problems will be solved.

Eric Pearson, who wrote the screenplay for all Marvel One-Shots so far, including Item 47, adds that that the intention of the short was to show how the Chitauri invasion impacted the average citizen:

Anything that expands the world and shows you the more human elements of it, that just makes the world more colorful and fun for the average viewer.

But aside from doing side-stories (like Item 47) or doing some slight teasing (like with the other two shorts), D’Esposito sees a bigger tableau for the Marvel One-Shots:

There’s always a potential to introduce a character. We have 8,000 of them, and they can’t all be at the same level. So maybe there are some that are not so popular, and we introduce them [with a short] – and they take off. I could see that happening.

So by now you’re probably salivating at getting a chance to see Item 47. Well the good news is that if you’re going to the San Diego Comic Con, you’ll be able to see the whole thing. The bad news (or good depending on whether you like games and have an iPhone) is that you’ll have to follow a Scavenger Hunt through San Diego itself to find the location. You’ll have to download the Avengers Second Screen app (available for free download at the iTunes store this Friday) to get the clues. Not going to Comic Con? You too can download the app and get access to a special clip from the film.

So what do you Bastards think? Excited for the new clip? More cool stuff from Marvel, or powerfully lame and capitalistic?

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