Its complicated


Another Tuesday and pretty much another month down for the DVD Tuesday feature. Like always folks, we here at NerdBastards list out what comes out for the day and say whether if it’s worth a BUY, RENT, or PASS. There will be the Anime DVD Pick of the Week and also the Old Movies Are New Again list.


SNL keeps shit ironed down. Topically, this video is pretty funny. I had just walked out from having seen “It’s Complicated” and was speaking about how Meryl Streep has been nominated for like 17 Oscars, and I think that every year, no matter what she does, she gets nominated. Not that its undeserved.. I’m speaking ironically of course, Streep normally puts something Oscar worthy out each year…But I was mentioning how she could do a commercial for Douche, and be nominated…Which is funny in 2 ways, 1)They did a sketch on Douche. And 2) The sketch with Streep was similar in context.

I believe the girl playing her was Abby Elliot, daughter of Chris Elliot. She does a wonderful impression vocally and with her mannerisms..However she looks like Streep in Deer Hunter..TOO young. Check it.

Also, there was a great SNL Digital Short, with a cool cameo with James Cameron, and host Sigourney Weaver. Laser Cats 5.