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Yes, it is #BatmanDay. If you didn’t buy Batman a present, you’ve still got a couple of hours, but it looks like today it’s Zack Snyder that’s handing out the gifts. As you may have heard, there’s presently a Justice League movie in production, and while it features the Dark Knight as a key figure within it, it also features one of his main allies, Commissioner Gordon. Gotham City’s top cop has a small but pivotal role in the Justice League film, and it will be up to Academy Award-winner J.K. Simmons to bring him to life again, and now we know what Simmons will look like in the film. (more…)


There’s a lot riding on Justice League, more so than usual when it comes to one of these huge, tentpole superhero movies. It was just a few months ago that Zack Snyder‘s continuation as a creative force in the DC Extended Universe was in doubt after the lackluster performance and reception for Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But despite that it was full steam ahead with Justice League anyway, and concerted effort’s been made to show off this Snyder joint as one that’s learned the lessons of the past. But if one person knows about the behind the scenes drama of Justice League it’s new Commissioner Gordon, J.K. Simmons, and he said that he enjoyed the laid back tone on the set. (more…)


After J.K. Simmons‘ Oscar-winning performance in Whiplash, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that portraying a “badass” is right in his wheelhouse.  However, it seems people are having a hard time connecting that term with his current role of Commissioner Jim Gordon in DC‘s new Justice League movie.  Photos of Simmons going into beast mode at the gym posted by his personal trainer had fans assuming that he was merely prepping for the role, but Simmons has a different story.  While in a new interview he says he does want to show “a little bit more of that badass side,” the 61 year old actor reveals his prime motivation for his workouts is really just to take care of himself. (more…)


The Justice League movie is a film that carries a lot of potential. It has enough time to get what Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice got wrong, right and has the opportunity to lead into a new set of films with a stellar cast. Adams, Batfleck, Cavill, Gadot, Miller and Momoa all return from BvsS with one huge addition. J.K. Simmons was added to the cast in early March to play Commissioner Gordon alongside Affleck’s Batman. Simmons is a huge signing for any film, let alone one that has the stature and potential of The Justice League. Best known for playing ever-so slightly heavy handed jazz instructor, Fletcher, in 2014’s massive success Whiplash Simmons has shown he has much more in his locker than a surly editor of a Spider obsessed newspaper. Recently a bearded J.K. sat down with DP/30 to talk about his future as Commissioner Gordon in The Justice League. (more…)


Word is making the Internet rounds that Willem Dafoe has joined the cast of Zack Snyder‘s Justice League. While one might expect Dafoe to continue his superhero movie villainous ways, the character he’s been cast for is one of the good guys and will appear in both parts of the Justice League movies. Which character and other assorted details are being held under wraps for the moment, which means one thing. Hundreds if not thousands of speculation posts on Defoe’s character. Let’s get started shall we? (more…)


Michael Keaton is riding on a wave of strong awards-season buzz for his turn in Alejandro Gonzales Inarittu’s Birdman; where he pulls off an amazing performance portraying a washed-up actor who is perpetually tormented by his alter ego/nemesis. It’s great to see Keaton having somewhat of an acting renaissance, finally gaining recognition for his acting prowess with appearances in Robocop and Need for Speed in 2014, and upcoming roles in Illumination Entertainment’s animated Minions and a starring role in Thomas McCarthy’s Catholic Church child-abuse drama Spotlight. Now it appears that Keaton might be heading off to Skull Island to join Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, Thor, Only Lovers Left Alive), and J.K. Simmons (Spider-Man, Whiplash), in Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island. (more…)

Ever want to see behind the scenes of Aperture Science…without all the testing and pain of listening to Wheatley talk ? Well, put on your smart pants, because today’s your lucky day.

Thanks to a group of young nerds and their camera, this 20-minute faux documentary shows the “science” behind Aperture Science… before everyone got gassed by that insane robot GlaDOS in Portal. It’s pretty impressive stuff, if you can get past their rendition of Cave Johnson, who must have had one too many trips on the pneumatic diversity vent.

You just can’t beat the smooth tone and talent of J.K. Simmons, but it’s damn close. Suck on those lemons Black Mesa, no really, we dare you to.

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Nerdbastards Review: Portal 2

The original Portal was a masterful piece of work that premiered in a collection known as the “Orange Box” which included Half Like 2, Half Life 2: Episode Two and Team Fortress Two.

The plot was simple: You were a test subject in the Aperture Science underground lab, that was supervised my a mentally unstable computer called GLaDoS. Using your portal gun, you navigated your way through the impossible tests GLaDoS tries to kill you with and ultimately destroying her and escaping. It was short, filled to the brim with dark humor,  sometimes frustrating, but always entertaining piece of mind-bending gaming. So, when Valve Studios announced a sequel, I was a bit nervous.

I am happy to report that my fears were groundless! Portal 2 succeeds in almost every way in which you could possibly want it to, and does it with a smile.




I haven’t seen camera work like this since Kramer was making bootleg videos on Seinfeld. The only thing missing was Elaine’s goofy dance at the end. Aside from the “shot from the audience” video work it does show us some fun stuff.

Yep, that was the voice of J.K. Simmons there as J. Jonah Jameson. Nice little touch there. The clips seemed pretty light hearted and fun, but don’t worry, Ultimate Spiderman is known for anything but being light hearted for more than a few panels.

Marvel Animation president Eric S. Rollman said: “Ultimate Spider-Man will be a unique journey exploring our favorite web-slinger as he teams up with other fan favorite Marvel Super Heroes in never before seen stories with a new life filled with great challenges, new friends, intense action and character growth.”

Ultimate Spider-Man was Brian Michael Bendis’ defining work at Marvel Comics in 2000, along with artist Mark Bagley. Their stories, which took old characters and put them into new situations and troubles, focused on a teenage Peter Parker in a modern day world. The series was relaunched in 2010 as Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, with David LaFuente heading art duties. The trades are well worth the cost to pick up, most local libraries have copies to check out, you’ll like it.

This new series was announced after Sony gave up the rights to the animated series Spectacular Spider-Man in September of 2009. The series, which was spearheaded by Gargoyles‘s Greg Weisman, ran on Kids WB for two seasons. The decision was made just after Disney purchased Marvel Comics for $4 billion.


I am not too sure how to feel about this news.

IGN is saying that according to reliable sources,the character known as J. Jonah Jameson (or JJ) will not be appearing in the Spider-Man reboot currently being filmed staring Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans will be playing the villain known as The Lizard (aka Dr. Curt Conners).

It has been strange that no news has been released about this character since the rumors this summer of either John Slattery (Roger on AMC’s Mad Men) and Sam Elliot (The Stranger in The Big Lebowski) playing the iconic characters that I first reported about here.

For those of you who do not know who the character is, Jameson is the Editor of The Daily Bugle and a hater of all things Spider-Man. He is loud, obnoxious and a general pain in the ass to everyone in New York. Oh, and he is also Peter Parker’s boss (since he is a photographer for the newspaper).

In the original trilogy, he was played pitch-perfect by J. K. Simmons, but what worries me is that once Parker needs to make money as Spider-Man, he works at The Bugle. That’s it. You cannot change fundamental Spider-Man lore.

What do you think of the (apparent) loss of the enigmatic character known affectionately as JJ?