J.M. DeMatteis

COMICS REWIND: ‘Kraven’s Last Hunt’

I’ve never really made time for Kraven. I always thought he was silly, one-dimensional, nothing compared to the best of what the Spider-Man rogue’s gallery has to offer. It wasn’t until this story entered my world that Kraven became something more. As J. M. DeMatteis chronicles the twilight of one of Spidey’s oldest foes, he pulls off something rare: a villain-based story that presents both a powerful emotional core and a compelling conflict between hero and villain. Kraven’s Last Hunt is, quite simply, one of the best Spider-Man stories ever told.


Many are those who had the misfortune of paying money to watch the cinematic vomit that was 2003’s Daredevil.  Starring the marginally talented Ben Affleck (who I still insist is made of compressed sawdust), the opening weekend for this film was rumored to have created a noticeable spike to the populations of mental health facilities across the nation.  As it turns out, there may have been something better in the works for old DD, but it never made it past the guardians of the gate that are the Fox executives.

J.M. DeMatteis, a comic book writer who has worked on pretty much everything from both the DC and Marvel lines (including Daredevil), wrote his own script for the blind super-hero back in the 90s – one that even the great Stan Lee seemed to like.

In a recent interview, DeMatteis had a few things to say about his experience.  To summarize, he ran into some production buddies who had been working a Daredevil script for Fox and joined them in their efforts.  Eventually, he completed a treatment that everyone seemed pleased with.  Everyone except for the execs at Fox, of course.

Apparently, they didn’t like it and it got shelved.  Once 2003 hit, Fox lost the rights to Daredevil and it was subsequently bought up by others who created (excreted?) the film that finally made it to the public.

In addition to chatting about his experience with DD, DeMatteis opted to post the first third of the original treatment.  Though it just covers DD’s origins (which remain true to the comic), I can honestly say that the first act is still better than Affleck’s Daredevil.  Of course, that isn’t saying much…


For a look at the full transcript of what DeMatteis had to say, as well as the first third of his treatment, check out ComicBookMovie.