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Is This ‘Star Wars’ Toy Racist?

Yeah, that’s a question. And you thought Star Wars Episode I was the extent of George Lucas’ propensity for exploiting racial stereotypes and out-dated portrayals of race.

The Turkish Cultural Community of Austria (TCCA), which includes at least two things you never would have thought go together, is pointing at the new LEGO Jabba’s Palace playset and calling “racist” on it. Now you may be reading this at home, at the local cafe, or even on the bus and maybe thinking to yourself: “How can a LEGO version of Jabba’s Palace from Return of the Jedi possibly be considered racist?” Good question.

According to the TCCA, the palace looks like both the Hagia Sophia, a 1,600-year-old former basilica and mosque in Istanbul, and Jami’ al-Kabir, a mosque from the 7th century in Beirut, and that’s not cool. On the surface, that doesn’t sound that bad, but the TCCA looks at it thusly:

“It is clear that the figure of the ugly villain Jabba and the whole scene [exemplifies] racial prejudice and vulgar insinuations against … Orientals and Asians as sneaky and criminal personalities (slaveholders, leaders of criminal organizations, terrorists, criminals, murderers, human sacrifice)…,” the group wrote on its website.

First of all, really? Second of all, it’s been 30 years since the release of Return of the Jedi, did someone at the TCCA finally put on the Blu-ray? Or is like the whole thing last summer when adoption advocates went off against The Avengers for Thor’s wisecrack: a case of people with too much time on their hands and platform to exploit their over-sensitivity? I think we all know what I think, what about you Bastards?

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Kinect Star Wars is easily the most anticipated Kinect game yet. I know my Kinect has been gathering dust waiting for its release. Frustratingly, the release date was pushed from late 2011 to early 2012 with Amazon now listing the official release date as April 3rd. And dammit, if Microsoft and LucasArts know what’s good for them I will have the game in my hands come April. I need to pretend I’m a Jedi and look like a fool while doing it!

We’ve only been able to see bits and pieces of the game thanks to trailers and the E3 presentation, but this video of a game demonstration reveals more of what kind of gameplay will be available. In addition to being able to weild the force players can pod race (1:07 mark), rampage through Mos Eisley as a rancor (2:45) and dance with slave girls in Jabba’s Palace (3:40).

Yup, there is a dancing component a la Just Dance or Dance Central. And you thought the lightsaber fighting would make you look like you’re spasming like the Star Wars kid.

Let’s be honest here, there is one reason and one reason only to include Leia in her metal slave bikini dancing. Fan service. Thanknyou LucasArts, you know what 13 year old boys want more than lightsabers and mind powers.

Me? I’m way more excited to tear shit up as a rancor! I think that’s the most ingenius bit of extra gameplay I’ve seen yet!

Source: io9