jack bauer

The Kingsman

Matthew Vaughn – of Kick Ass and X-men: First Class fame –  has directed a new movie based on Mark Miller’s (Kick-Ass 1 & 2) comic book that has got us real excited here at NerdBastards. Furthermore, after each update, our interest in the movie is ever increasing. With the release date of Kingsman The Secret Service set for February 13th and the film is entering the final stages of its marketing campaign, word on the film has been building incrementally with each update offering more of an insight into what we should be expecting to see when the movie finally hits the big screen. Starring Colin Firth stars as a dapper secret agent training a new recruit and we have some rad and rather risqué character posters featuring Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and an awesome little pug named Jack Bauer. Check em out below peepsters. (more…)

….The Night Santa Went Crazy


Here’s a little something I never thought I would ever see. Imagine for a minute that Santa is arrested for possibly being a terrorist (although nowadays it wouldn’t surprise me)  and Jack Bauer being brought in to interrogate him. Rebel Christmas Card put this video together and is sure to have you laughing. 24 starts a new season in January 2010 on FOX. Check out the video after the jump.