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Alex Proyas has mad props from the nerd community for such classics as Dark City and The Crow (and I, Robot if you’re counting, but who does?), but he hasn’t yet gone to the next level and made a TV nerd obsession… Until now.

Proyas is teaming up with Jaime Paglia, co-creator of the long-running Sy-Fy hit Eureka, to create a new series for ABC based on the book trilogy Toxic City from British Fantasy Award- and Bram Stoker Award-winning author Tim Lebbon.

The series is called Evolve, and it will follow a group of ordinary people who sneak back into the quarantined city of Los Angeles two years after a mysterious biological agent is released in the city. What they find there is a city full of people with super-human abilities, and the government has a vested interest in keeping these people trapped in the LA city limits. ABC will likely be prepping Evolve for the 2013/14 TV season.

So the series sounds like a combination of Revolution and The 4400? Could be interesting. What do you Bastards think?

Source: Deadline

Early this afternoon news started circulating that, Syfy’s hit show, Eureka would end at Season 5. Syfy is currently airing Season 4.5 while filming is underway for Season 5. Of course this news , which was thought of as rumor, was quickly  validated as truth when Colin Ferguson (aka Sheriff Carter the lead character for Eureka) posted up on Twitter around 4 o’clock in the afternoon:

While Colin Ferguson’s twitter, and Syfy were being bombarded with questions fans speculated why such a popular show would end? Well, everyone take a deep breath….it was all one big miscommunication between the media, actors, and Syfy. The Hollywood Reporter got confirmation from Syfy that they’ve committed to a Sixth Season of Eureka and do not plan an end anytime soon.

Mark Stern, president of original content at Syfy issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter:

“[Producers] Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia have brought a creative vitality to Eureka that has kept it fresh and inventive… Although we do not have a commitment beyond six episodes for the sixth season, we are hopeful that this will not be the end of the franchise.”

So all you fans can rest at ease that Eureka’s crazy scientist will continue their craziness, at least…for now.

The series, now in its fourth season, airs Monday nights at 8/7C.

Are you enjoying the current season of Eureka, and are you hoping for more crazy nerdy/slightly educational adventures?