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You may have noticed – or not, it’s hard to tell – that last week’s episode of Arrow wasn’t reviewed due to my being out of town (at Gallifrey One! Look for my convention recap this weekend.). And what a shame, too, since last week’s “The Odyssey” was Arrow‘s best episode in weeks. It benefited, like I predicted it would, from more screen time for Manu Bennet‘s Slade Wilson, the inclusion of Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) properly into Team Arrow, and some real answers about what happened on the island between Oliver (Stephen Amell), Slade, and Yao Fei (Bryon Mann). For one, Yao Fei has completely switched allegiance to Fyers and his mercenaries because they’re holding his daughter hostage.

But no, that’s not the episode I’m covering today. This week’s episode was “Dodger,” and it’s a return to the tired villain of the week formula sandwiched between both Ollie and Diggle’s (David Ramsey) sorry attempts at romantic entanglements. And no, unfortunately not with each other. A shame because at least that would have been interesting!


The producers of CW‘s Arrow are not holding back when it comes to bringing characters from the comics to the small screen. Every week there’s another layer of the Green Arrow mythos being added to the series. The latest addition to Arrow‘s rogues gallery (Nod to Flash) is “The Dodger”, an international jewel thief who plays puppet-master to the citizens of Starling City played by none other than Battlestar Galactica‘s Baltar, James Callis.

Here’s a look at the actor and the comic version of the character, note the uncanny resemblance even before costuming.  The Dodger uses a Mjolnir-style mace-lightning-rod which might not survive the transition to television in that same form, then again, it would add another crazy weapon for Oliver to counter.

James Callis Joins Arrow Dodger

Looking closer at the comic book story line for the Dodger you’ll find out that after capture, he quickly gives up information about the League of Assassins. Yep that League, the one that Ra’s Al Ghul leads in the Batman comics and movies.

I don’t think we’ll see Ra’s Al Ghul though, most likely the character of Deathstroke will fill that leadership role as the head or perhaps the lead lieutenant of The League of Assassins with Ra’s Al Ghul staying in the shadows. I’m really hoping this is the case because if the Dodger ends up being just another flavor of the week cockney thief, I’ll be disappointed.

What do you think, about the casting and storyline? What Green Arrow, or other DC Comics villain, are you looking forward to seeing added to the series? I just want more Deathstroke.

Arrow is currently on hiatus, with a return slated for January 16, 2013.

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